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While many people don’t like growing older, my parents were jumping for joy on their 60th birthdays. Why? Because they became ‘seniors’ and were eligible for a Victorian Seniors Card. That means they’ll travel for free during the Victorians Seniors Festival, from 8 to 15 October.

There are numerous benefits associated with holding a Seniors Card, but my parents were most excited about the cheaper public transport fares. And they should be – public transport is a great way to get around and the discounts are significant for public transport travel both in Victoria and interstate.

Keep reading to find out just how good the discounts are.

Eligibility for discounted transport as a senior

Anyone who holds a Victorian Seniors Card is eligible for discounted public transport. The Seniors Card is available to all Victorian permanent residents aged 60 or over who work less than 35 hours per week. When you apply for a Victorian Seniors Card you’ll also receive a free Seniors myki  card.

Victorians aged 60 or over who work more than 35 hours a week are eligible for a Seniors Business Discount Card, but this card does not include discounts on public transport.

Public transport travel in Victoria

A Seniors myki card gives you access to:

  • Concession fares (a 50 per cent discount on full fares) on trains, trams and buses, including V/Line trains and coaches.  Free travel on Saturdays and Sundays in two consecutive zones (e.g. Zone 1 and 2) and on regional town buses.
  • Two (for metropolitan residents) or four (for regional residents) annual Victorian off-peak travel vouchers .
  • Free travel on all Victorian public transport during the Victorians Seniors Festival from 8 to 15 October, including Melbourne trains, trams and buses and regional trains, coaches and buses. Seniors travelling during this time will need to carry their Seniors myki and Victorian Seniors Card and touch on and off as usual – they just won’t be changed for these trips.

RACV has published a handy transport guide with information and tips about getting around without a car. It includes useful information on the public transport system in Victoria as well as the myki ticketing system.

Interstate public transport travel   

There are discounts available for public transport throughout Australia if you hold a Victorian Seniors card. Some require a bit of pre-planning but the savings make it worthwhile. If you’re heading interstate, make sure you know how to access these discounts. And don’t forget to take your Victorian Seniors Card with you.

  • New South Wales - Seniors Card holders are entitled to concession fares, capped at $2.50 per day, on public transport in NSW using a Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal Card (the equivalent of a Seniors myki). The $2.50 daily fare cap doesn’t cover public transport to and from the airport. You must apply for the card two to three weeks before travelling to NSW via a hard-copy application form available here .
  • South Australia - Seniors card holders are eligible for free Adelaide Metro public transport all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. On Monday to Friday before 7am, between 9.01am and 3pm, and after 7.01pm travel is free. To take up this great offer, you’ll need to visit Adelaide Airport’s Information Booth (if you’re coming from the airport) or an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre and show your interstate Seniors Card. You’ll be given a 14-day temporary Metroticket.
  • Western Australia - Seniors receive concession fares on all public transport.
  • Northern Territory - Travel is free on public buses in Darwin and Alice Springs for people with a valid Seniors Card.
  • Queensland - Any Australian with a valid Seniors Card is entitled to the Seniors card +go, which provides concession fares for public transport travel. This card type is free so you won’t have to pay the usual $5 refundable deposit. To get the card, you’ll need to visit a go card retailer and put at least $5 credit on the card. There are retailers all over the city. You can find a card retailer here.
  • Tasmania - Seniors receive concession fares on all public transport.

Public transport is a great way to get around regardless of your age, but it becomes a bit more exciting at 60. As my parents say – who doesn’t like a freebie?

Written by RACV
October 10, 2017

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