Victoria’s rail network – rated by you

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Late last year, we asked you to tell us what you thought about Victoria’s rail network through our On Track survey. We must have struck a nerve because we heard from almost 18,000 Victorians! Here are five things we learnt about our rail network from your responses.

1. Good design stands the test of time

The highest rated stations weren’t just the new, shiny ones. Although Wyndham Vale (opened in 2015) took the top spot for Victoria’s best station, it was closely followed by some older stations such as Drouin, Ashburton and Kangaroo Flat. It goes to show that commuters aren’t after all the bells and whistles. Basic amenities that are thoughtfully designed, such as shelter, seating and lighting, go a long way towards keeping commuters happy.

Drouin railway station rated 8.888 out of 10

Drouin railway station rated 8.88 out of 10

Ashurton railway station rated 8.38 out of 10

Ashurton railway station rated 8.38 out of 10

2. Getting there is half the battle

The biggest issue commuters faced at their local station was a lack of car parking. Catching public transport to the station wasn’t great either, with almost a quarter of unhappy commuters experiencing poor connecting services. However, the most popular way for Metro commuters to get to the station was to walk.

Parking spaces are hard to come by at Aircraft station

Parking spaces are hard to come by at Aircraft station.

3. A tight squeeze

The most common service issues for commuters were a lack of seating, overcrowding and train not running on time. V/Line train passengers were almost twice as likely to say their service was too slow, compared to Metro passengers. Having said this, they were also more likely to say that the train ride gave them time to relax; maybe the longer travel time does have its’ benefits.

4. Safety concerns

While a significant number of passengers said they feel unsafe at some point throughout their train journey, there were some interesting differences for metro and regional commuters. Safety concerns for Metro passengers were more common on the station platform and in the train. Regional commuters were more concerned about the safety of their car while it was in the station car park.

5. Regional charm

Overall, commuters were happier with the design and standard of V/Line stations than Metro stations. Regional commuters were less likely to have problems with the toilet facilities (or lack thereof), shelter and cleanliness at their station. They did have one gripe that ranked higher than it did for Metro commuters – not enough seating.
Echuca railway station

Echuca railway station rated 8.19 out of 10

Echuca railway station rated 8.19 out of 10.

Search for your station below and see how it stacked up against the rest. Do you agree with what commuters had to say or are your experiences different? For the full On Track survey results, click here.

Written by Dominique Torpy, Public Transport and Mobility Officer
May 09, 2016