Bicycle Quiz Answers

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When riding on a shared path, what rules must you follow?

You must stay to the left, give way to pedestrians and warn others when you are overtaking.

All bicycle riders must give way to any pedestrians on a shared path.  On a path, with separate marked areas for bicycles and pedestrians, bicycle riders must not ride in the area reserved for pedestrians.  However pedestrians pushing a wheelchair or using rollerblades can use a bicycle path, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise.

Who is allowed to ride their bike on the footpath?

Children under the age of 12 and an adult supervisor.

In addition to children under the age of 12 and any adult supervising them, a bicycle rider of any age with a medical exemption is allowed to ride on the footpath. These riders will have been given a medical certificate and the conditions of the certificate need to be adhered to.

When must a bike rider give a hand signal to indicate their movement?

Only when moving into a right lane or turning right.

Bicycle riders must give hand signals when turning right including changing lanes and making a U-turn. Giving a left hand signal when turning left is not required by road rules but we would recommend it be done whenever possible as a courtesy to other road users.

Car dooring occurs when a car door is opened into the path of an oncoming cyclist. It is against the law and can cause serious injury to cyclists. What percentage of bike rider casualties in Victoria occur from car dooring?


VicRoads state that 10% of rider casualties are the result of car dooring in Victoria, although this number is much higher in inner Melbourne. Before opening car doors (as a driver or a passenger as some cycle lanes are on the passenger side), use your mirrors, do a head check and then open door cautiously. A driver must not cause a hazard to a bicycle rider (or any other road user for that matter) by opening a car door or getting out of a vehicle. Bike riders should ride cautiously and try to keep clear of the car door zone. Look out for people getting in and out of their parked cars and think about your visibility by wearing bright coloured clothing and using bike lights when appropriate.

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