4 kettlebell exercises for a stronger body

Man exercising outside using kettle bella

Alice Piper

Posted December 07, 2021

RACV Club fitness expert Nate Wells shares some effective kettlebell exercises for a stronger body.

The benefits of a stronger body cannot be underestimated. From reduced back pain and risk of injury, to improved flexibility and boosted metabolism, taking the time to invest in your muscular strength is integral to your overall health.

Thankfully, it’s possible to get a stronger body without needing to buy costly or complex gym equipment that takes up a lot of space.

Below, RACV Club fitness expert, Nate Wells, shares four basis exercises using a small and common piece of gym equipment, the kettlebell.

Available in a range of weights, the kettlebell is an increasingly popular piece of gym equipment that when used consistently, can help to improve your strength, power, balance and cardio. Kettlebells are also widely available, accessibly priced, convenient to store away, and can be put to work almost anywhere.

Follow along with Nate in the below video to build a stronger and healthier you with the help of the kettlebell – you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time. 

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