5 easy but thoughtful gifts for Father’s Day

Alice Piper

Posted August 24, 2021

It feels the same every year, Father's Day rolls around, and you have no idea what to get dad. Here's our top 5 ideas while the world is tipsy turvy.

Most dads are notorious for buying what they want, when they want, which basically means there isn't anything left for you to give. And when your dad is a little 'unique' or has a niche hobby, it can be even harder to find a way of showing how much you love him – no doubt made harder by current Covid-19 restrictions.

So with that in mind, we've decided to go back to basics with some gifts and experiences to suit every dad or father figure, locked down or not!  

Father’s Day present ideas

A good sleep-in followed by brekky in bed

Sleep as a gift? Yes. Sleep might be the most in-demand treat for any parent, anywhere. But as we're talking Father's Day, you can spruce it up a bit – we're talking sleep mask, earplugs, comfortable pillow, perfect bed (if you can stretch to that) - the ultimate sleep experience. Companies like The Goodnight Co™ can create your father a personalised sleep experience so he'll wake refreshed come Father's Day, just in time for breakfast

Long seen as the classic Mother's Day opener, we forget that almost everyone appreciates a sleep-in followed by a home-cooked breakfast in bed. Think café style pancakes adorned with crispy bacon and berries, chef-level scrambled eggs or snuggle in some Orange Hot Chocolate for dad to enjoy - while you do the dishes. 

Reward his inner connoisseur  

Whether it be whiskey, cheese, or coffee, reward your dad with something he is passionate about, or perhaps might like to know more about. Knowing that winery, distillery and coffee house visits may be out of reach for most right now, online is your best bet. 

For the coffee lover, you can't go past giving the gift of, well, coffee. Padre Coffee offers a  box set – a great one-off gift guaranteed to satiate any caffeine enthusiast, or try Play-Ground coffee if you're after a more personal touch. Simply by answering a few questions, Play-Ground coffee will curate the perfect coffee selection for your dad. Plus,  if he is quite specific with not just his coffee but the process of making it, look no further than Small Batch for the perfect drip-coffee experience. 

Next, let's talk cheese. Regardless of whether your dad is a cheddar man, prefers a complicated blue or polishes off half a wheel of brie in one sitting, it's never been easier to cater for just what your dad would actually like.

14 days of cheese is a good place to start, and they've got an online cheese festival called Get on the Cheese running from 27-28 August, with tickets available now.

Delivering to our cousins all up and down the east coast of Australia (check website for a full list of where they deliver too), Cheese Therapy is also a great go-to if you're cheese-loving dad lives interstate.

And finally, for the whiskey appreciator, Whiskey Loot has Drinks with Dad. You simply select the whiskey package of your choice, and then Whiskey Loot will send  out a package to you and to your dad – just let him know to keep an eye out, so he's not empty-handed on your Father's Day Zoom. 

whiskey for fathers day

You can never go wrong with a bottle for the whiskey lover. Image: Getty. 

The gift of labour

Again, taking from the Mother's Day playbook, helping around the home is always a valued gift – especially when you want nothing in return. It can be something as simple as:


  • Cleaning up after dinner each night of the week (this includes wiping down the benches...)
  • Taking the bins out and bringing them back in for a month
  • Tidying up the garden
  • Folding all the laundry for a month
  • Washing the family car

Alternatively, you may be a fan of outsourcing. In that case, you can't go past a hardware store voucher (for much-needed supplies and tools that he's been wanting to buy himself) or go a step beyond and depending on what restrictions are like where you live, give the gift of hiring someone to come in to tackle those jobs your dad has been meaning to get around to.

Cook him his favourite meal

With a bit of help, of course. If your dad is the type of guy who loves a good restaurant – whether it be a time-tested favourite or something a little more adventurous than a restaurant—to-door service like Providoor  will cement your place as the favourite child in the eyes of your father. 

Providoor has been keeping Melburnians and Sydneysiders well-fed with gourmet dining during lockdown. You can order chef-prepared meals from restaurants like The Hardware Club, Palermo, The Atlantic, Supernormal, Tokyo Tina, Ginger Boy, and so many more.

Dad will feel like he's at a Michelin Star restaurant, and it couldn't be easier – just re-heat, plate up and enjoy.

Home cinema experience

A classic for a reason. It's simple, affordable, and just what dad wants as long he gets to pick the movie. Some tips to take movie night or day beyond the mere couch-and-slouch are:


  • Choose the movie before you sit down.
  • Choose a theme and dress accordingly.
  • Reconfigure the viewing area to optimise screen visibility and access to snacks.
  • Consider sound. Movie night is the perfect opportunity to hook up some speakers for an immersive sound experience. 
  • Create a snack and drink menu ahead of time that caters to everyone's dietary requirements and preferences. 
  • Finally, dim the lights or shut the curtains, take a moment to acknowledge dads' day and press play. 

However you choose to spoil your dad on Father's Day, a personal touch will always win out.