Learn the art of flower arranging at home

bunch of pink flowers fresh

Jenna Meade

Posted September 06, 2021

Add cheer to your interiors with your own standout stems. 

Nothing says spring like a bunch of fresh blooms - and you don't need to be a professional to pull off an impressive bouquet. Whether you're picking prized buds from your own blooming patch or keen to experiment with a local market haul, you're only eight steps away from your first striking centrepiece. 

From snipping stems into shape to branching out with unexpected elements, here's how to master the art of flower arranging at home. 

How to make your own flower arrangments


Decide on a design 

Have a loose colour scheme in mind when you go to pick or buy your flowers. You can choose a monochromatic theme to showcase a variety of shades from the same colour, opt for a pop of bold and bright complementary colours, or play it safe with a classic white and green combination. No matter your design, be sure to choose various shapes and sizes for added texture and interest.  

Branch out  

You don't need to just stick with flowers in your arrangement. Almost anything that grows can be added to your work of art. Unleash your creativity and have fun experimenting with unexpected elements like blueberry branches, pomegranate or even kale. 

Make the cut 

Get your foliage ready for its bouquet debut. As a rule of thumb, you'll want to trim stems so they're one-and-a-half times the size of your vase. Make a fresh diagonal cut across the bottom of each stem to help them stay fresher for longer, and immediately place in water before they scab over. Remove all greenery underneath the water line to eliminate bacteria build-up and ensure the maximum amount of water reaches the blooms. 

Choose a vase 

Now that you've gathered your goods, you can decide on their destined vessel. Large stems and branches will need a weighted bottom, droopy blooms like tulips require the added support of a straight-sided vase, and long stems like sunflowers and hydrangeas will work best in a long column vase. Half-fill your chosen vessel with cold water. Or, if you're using buds in your bouquet that you'd like to coax open, use warm water. 

dit floral arrangements at home

Branch out with flowers, leaves, and other items from your garden of different heights and colours to create interest. Images L-R: Kerry Hu, Christie Kim and Sincerely Media via Unsplash. 


Build your base 

Start with a green layer. Ivy and eucalyptus are great go-to's, or you could use stray branches from a bush or tree for a wilder and more gathered feel. Arrange the stems to form an inverted triangle shape while creating both a horizontal and vertical presence. 

Assemble the standouts 

Add your focal flowers, (which are usually the biggest blooms), standout shapes or interesting elements. Use odd numbers for a more 'natural' look, and evenly disperse them on all sides. Be careful not to arrange all of them upwards or outwards. Instead, picture the arrangement's shape like a dome and fill in all its angles.  

Finish with fillers 

Follow suit with smaller accent flowers to fill up the surrounds. Combine these filler flowers in clusters of three or five to replicate what happens in the wild. Trim stems shorter if they need to be moved further down the vase. Save the delicate blooms, like Baby's Breath, until last, so they don't get squashed. Scan your stack and add filler flowers to any blank spots. Finally, add height and contrast with a couple of touches of greenery at the top.  

Keep it fresh 

Lightly mist your new creation and position it in a shaded spot away from direct sunlight and temperature changes. Change water daily to remove bacteria and keep flowers blooming, giving the stems a fresh cut each time. If you're giving the bouquet as a gift or taking it to a dinner party, wrap it, so it arrives healthy and vibrant. Layer a damp sheet of paper towel on top of plastic wrap and wrap it around the trimmed stems. Cover with tissue or wrapping paper and secure with ribbon or string.

Voila! You're a home florist with this DIY floral arrangement!