Five tips for creating the ultimate at-home zen zone

wooden chair and stool near an outdoor pool

Jenna Meade

Posted September 09, 2020

Turn up the zen with our guide to creating your ultimate relaxation retreat at home.

With many people working from homehome schooling kids and just generally spending more time than ever indoors, there's never been a better time to create a go-to relaxation haven for those days where you just want to escape for a few moments.

Whether you’re reeling from a busy day in the home office or simply need some time out, carving out a calm, quiet space dedicated to relaxation is the ideal way to unwind, reset and refocus.

A zen zone is a nurturing nook in your home where you can recharge and fill up your cup – be it through reading, meditating, playing music, practising yoga or even just sitting and having a quiet cuppa.

Here’s how to set up – and style – your own little oasis of calm.

Five tips for creating the ultimate zen zone at home

That’s the spot

Finding the right location is essential in setting the serene tone. First, think about how you’re going to use the space. Will you need room for a yoga mat and its accompanying poses, or will a comfy chair and bookshelf suffice? (New to yoga? Check out our guide to which style of yoga is best for you.)

Be sure your chosen space is quiet with minimal interruptions. While it should be private, there’s no need for your zen zone to be a dedicated, closed-door room. Thinking outside the box can land you a sun-drenched window nook, unused attic or tucked-away walk-in robe.

Clean slate

Begin by taking everything out of your designated area. You’re aiming for a clean and composed space that is aesthetically flowing and ready to naturally soothe. 

Built-in storage containers are a clever way to keep mess to a minimum, while still allowing your breathing room to feel expansive. 

Think of your zen zone as an extension of your mind, and try to keep it clutter-free by regularly removing items you’re not using - phones and laptops included.


woman with sounding bowl and incense burning

Turn your spare room, blank space or even your patio into the ultimate relaxation sanctuary.

In style

Now comes the fun part. This is your space, and your opportunity to emanate your personal style – no collaboration required. 

If you’re giving your area a facelift, choose paint colours based on the mood you’d like to exude. Orange and yellow encourage creativity and productivity, while greens, blues and lavender will evoke a feeling of peace and serenity.

Comfort is key. You’ll need an inviting place to sit or stretch, be it a chair, couch or rug. Consider adding cushions to increase the cosy and a chunky knit throw so you stay snug.

Add life

Fill your space with meaningful items that make you feel happy, relaxed and energised. 

A framed photo of a special place you’ve travelled or your favourite artwork can open your heart and direct you towards a world of self-love.

Add life – and breathe easier – with indoor and hanging plants. Peace lilies, mother-in-law’s tongue and the fruit salad plant (monstera deliciosa) are lush yet low-maintenance, allowing you more free time to focus on yourself.  

Finish off by setting the mood with a soft glow through dimmer lights, a Himalayan salt lamp or a collection of your favourite scented candles.

Healthy habits

Now your serene scene is set, it’s a good idea to kindly let your loved ones know not to disturb you while you’re in your zen zone. And remember that self-care is anything but selfish. You’re making time for yourself so you can be more present for everyone else, too.

Create, then honour, a ritual each time you enter your oasis. You might light a candle, make a special Spotify playlist, diffuse essential oils or brew a cup of herbal tea. By making a habit of this, you’re slowly training your brain to naturally unwind when you enter your zen zone.

Now all that’s left to do is breathe – and bliss out – in your solo sanctuary.


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