Morning stretches for a better day

two women stretching on yoga mats on the grass

Alice Piper

Posted December 20, 2021

Better prepare for the day ahead with these easy morning stretches from RACV Club Fitness Instructor Nate Wells. 

Modern life often sees us spending a lot of time sitting, which can tighten our muscles and contribute to general aches and pains. 

A great way to mitigate these aches and pains is to make stretching part of your regular fitness routine - especially first thing in the morning to help limber up for the day ahead.

Follow along the below video with RACV Club Fitness Instructor Nate Wells as he shows us three basic stretches that you can do right on the edge of your bed. 

These stretches are: 

  • Seated forward fold
  • Stretching with rotation 
  • Side bend stretch

With consistent stretching when you wake up the morning, you’ll be feeling freer in no time.

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