Get healthy at home (without loads of equipment!)

Man exercising

Alice Piper

Posted September 15, 2021

From air squats to reverse lunges, Nate Wells shows us how to get strong right in our own living room. 

As Victorians clock up more than 40 days in this latest lockdown, there's a high chance you've been sitting more, and exercising less. 

Whether you work at a desk or have a job that is physically demanding, having strong and stable muscles is important for many factors of life like reduced back pain and greater mobility. 

Nate Wells, a Fitness Instructor at the RACV Club shows us how to build basic strength and a strong foundation for our bodies with these simple exercises - and you don't need a gym set up to do them!

Here are four videos you can complete in less than 10 minutes, combined. Have a go before work, at lunch, or just if you need a 10 minute breather!

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