Feel calm and refreshed with this quick hand massage

hand massage

Alice Piper

Posted September 30, 2021

From typing on keyboards and playing our favourite sports to everyday wear and tear, our hands go through a lot. Give them a break with a calming hand massage.

If you’re feeling stressed, your body might be feeling it too, and surprisingly, our hands aren’t immune to the effects.

Just think about how much work they do – we rely on our hands for almost everything.

That’s why it’s important to show them the care and attention they deserve.

In the short video below, Remedial Massage Therapist Jitty Sriboonjit from One Spa at RACV City Club explains how we can restore a sense of zen to our day with a quick five-minute hand massage.

From slow and gentle circles across your palm to applying soft pressure towards the outside of your hand, this is one calming practice than will quickly become part of your daily routine.

Follow along with Jitty for a restorative break.  

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