Stretch your way to better health

Man stretching at desk

David Toscano

Posted September 09, 2021

Regular stretching keeps muscles flexible and strong – here’s how to do it properly

Whether you're an amateur athlete or new to exercise, it's always a good idea to stretch.

Indeed, regular stretching is not only critical to maximising the effectiveness of exercise, but can also help to avoid injury and other health issues such as back pain.

And the importance of stretching regularly is increasing, particularly as lifestyle trends such as working from home result in an uptick in the hours we spend being sedentary.

For example, sitting at a desk all day can result in tight muscles, especially in the legs and back, making walking and other movements we take for granted, more difficult over time.

To help you embed stretching into your daily routine, Fran Furci, Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at RACV Club highlights a series of effective stretching exercises in the video below.

Like our latest exercise circuit, Fran’s stretching exercises require little more than a few minutes of dedication and your favourite activewear - although you can choose to incorporate everyday items such as a broom stick or chair for shoulder mobility work and squatting exercises.

Try incorporating these exercises between Zoom meetings, Netflix episodes, before bed, and of course, before and after exercise such as running, swimming, cycling and other sporting activities.

Take a look at the video below to find out more.

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