Your seven-day lockdown survival guide

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Posted May 07, 2021

How to keep yourself – and the kids – entertained during Victoria's lockdown 4.0.

Stock up your wine fridge, get the self-raising flour ready and send out the zoom trivia invites. From board games and iso-baking to winter gardening and DIY home improvements, here’s your guide to things to do at home during Victoria's seven-day circuit breaker lockdown.

Your lockdown survival guide

Join the #zftuesday movement

Looking for a way to let go and dance it out? Join Torquay-based social media sensation and accidental Instagram dance superstar Kat John in a virtual dance off. Kat’s social-media driven zerofks movement has seen people across the globe letting go of their insecurities, stresses and anything else that’s holding them back. And it’s easy to join in. Simply video yourself dancing to your fave tunes, challenge your mates by tagging them, upload your video to your Instagram account or stories and tag @kat.john and #zftuesday. It’s a great way to free your mind and feel connected to your community while being physically isolated.

If dance isn't your thing, embrace vacuuming and gardening, pledge to push-up for mental health, or try RACV's 30-day yoga challenge.

Learn a new skill

For those in the workforce wanting to upskill, LinkedIn Learning (previously offers a month’s free trial to more than 14,000 courses for in-demand skills such as software development, data science and leadership. You can also train yourself on popular software applications such as Swift, Apple’s programming language, which allows you to build iPhone and iPad apps. If you’ve ever puzzled over spreadsheets, there are numerous courses on Excel and data analysis. After the free trial, subscriptions start at about $40 a month. Or if you've always wanted to go back to university, platforms including Coursera and edX bring together free courses offered by universities, colleges and other educational institutions from around the world, including Australia.

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Setting up a nice balcony garden, indoor plants or herb garden are all achieveable in just a few hours.

Get in touch with your green thumb

Whether you have a big backyard or a small courtyard, use your time in lockdown to go green. They say summer lawns are made in winter so, to help keep yours lush, RACV Goldfields Resort’s property maintenance manager explains how to give your lawns the gold grass treatment. If you’re limited to a balcony garden, keep your space versatile and uncluttered using self-watering pots or even espalier a fruit tree along a wall. Reduce your food waste with this beginner’s guide to backyard composting, start a vegie patch or learn how to grow vegies from kitchen scraps. Plus check out our guide to the best herbs to plant in winter.

Get your house in order

With winter just around the corner, now is the ideal time to give your house a little TLC. If you've been putting off spring cleaning, the founder of viral Facebook group Mums Who Clean shares her go-to housework hacks. Or, if you've been planning to get on top of some DIY home maintenance tasks, now's the time. Hang curtains, re-paint your bedroom, declutter, or rearrange your furniture to make a small space feel bigger. But before you pick up the power drill, make sure you check out our guide to the eight DIY jobs you should never attempt. Now is also the ideal time to winter-proof your house. And if a change is as good as a holiday, here are five DIY decor cheats to give your house a fresh feel.

Unleash your inner MasterChef

With nowhere to go and no one to see, spice things up at home with a date night in. Start off by whipping up a bunch of these moreish mac and cheese croquettes, followed by RACV Cape Schanck's melt-in-your-mouth slow-cooked lamb shoulder with a side of deliciously creamy mashed potato. And, for a classic winter warmer, nothing beats bowl of warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert.


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Taking some 'me' time can help you find clarity and reduce your anxiety over lockdown.


Take some time

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting lockdowns and restrictions, have left many people feeling stressed out, anxious and isolated. This heightened anxiety has affected everything from our sleep patterns to our wine stash, and left many of us in limbo as we try to adjust to an ever-changing new normal.  To help keep your glass half full, positive psychologist and leading happiness expert Dr Timothy Sharp shares five simple ways to practise optimism. Clinical psychologist and mindfulness consultant Dr Richard Chambers shows us how to be more mindful without evern trying. RACV City Club One Spa Manager Marnie Bennett tells us how to get glowing, beauty-salon skin at home, while Leah Dow, One Spa manager at RACV’s Cape Schanck Resort, takes us through three simple DIY massage therapy techniques

Keep the kids entertained

With play dates and public outings off limits, keeping the kids entertained during lockdown is a constant struggle. If you're fresh out of ideas, here's our guide to 21 things to do at home with kids. Turn off the TV and get creative, instead. Cook up a storm in the kitchen, play some board games, or tackle an easy craft project. Or, if you're sick of being cooped up indoors, why not spend time together learning how to build a backyard treehouse.