10 ways to flip your frustration into action

Man frustrated at a laptop

Blanche Clark

Posted May 28, 2021

There's an upside to your down time. Here's how to use your frustration for good.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster for the past year and Victoria’s latest COVID-19 lockdown may seem like the last straw. But here’s some ways you can flip that frustration into productivity and come out of this seven-day lockdown with your sanity intact.

How to turn your frustration into action

Battle it out

Have a good old-fashioned pillow fight with your children or partner. Make sure it ends in laughter, not tears.

Stay active

Whether it’s a home workout, a run, or a simple walk around the block, keeping moving has great mental and physical health benefits. Use the time to prepare for the Push-Up Challenge in June by perfecting your push-up technique.

Change your bed linen

Flip or turn your mattress around and put on fresh linen. There’s nothing more satisfying than fresh sheets after a long day. In the market for a new mattress? RACV members can save with Snooze.

Have a mantra

Use a mantra to help keep your mindset focused and positive. It could be a famous quote, a line from a poem or a question, such as: What is the hidden silver lining?

 Channel your frustration into chores

Vigorously vacuum or get down on your hands and knees and scrub your floors. Use these clever hacks for cleaning your house.

Man doing yoga stretching

Photo: Unsplash


Unleash your inner yogi

Start each day of lockdown with a Suryanamaskara (salute to the sun). New to yoga? RACV Torquay Resort yoga instructor Russelle can talk you through the basics. Or find a style of yoga that works for you.

Check in with your mental health

During these trying and uncertain times, it's more important than ever to be checking in with your mental health. Download an app to boost your mental health and wellbeing

Bake up a storm

Get you bake on with this classic banana bread recipe, then enjoy the results with morning or afternoon tea every day during lockdown.

Do some gardening

Get stuck into the garden and pull up weeds. Yank them out, roots and all, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Read our tips for preparing your lawns and gardens for winter.

Phone or text a friend

Research shows supportive relationships boost mental wellbeing. And even if the lockdown is only seven days that can feel like a long time when you’re isolated.