Unique camel collection wins hearts and minds

three camels in the desert

Alice Piper

Posted February 01, 2022

For more than 40 years, Connie has amassed all sorts of camel objects – here’s why she loves her unique collection.  
Victorians certainly have some interesting collectibles tucked away in their homes, but perhaps none more so than Connie, whose love of camels and camel objects has spawned a collection that’s truly unique. 
Connie’s passion for camels began when her great uncle, who served in World War I in Cairo, would send home items like scarves and postcards to his family, all with camels on them. 
Connie’s collection of camels now spans more than four decades, is enjoyed by her children, and has brought her some fame. In fact, she’s even named her home Camel Cottage in honour of her favourite animal.  
“I just love the fact it’s not a common object to collect,” Connie says.  
“This was all passed down to me, which is where my fascination and love for camels started.” 
Take a look at Connie’s collection in our new The Collectors video series, where we explore some of the best and most unique collections around Victoria.  

The Collectors - Connie's Camels

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