Join RACV’s 30-day yoga challenge

Living Well | RACV | Posted on 06 May 2020

Keen to try yoga? Discover the benefits of daily practice with RACV's 30-day challenge.

With millions of advocates worldwide, yoga is a dynamic exercise practice with multiple benefits and a style to challenge any fitness level. (More: How to stay fit at home: 27 of the best home work outs.)

Modern yoga practices are often based on a combination of Western-style gymnastics and Indian Hatha yoga, and comprise a series of postures or ‘asanas’, connected in a flowing sequence called vinyasas. 

Woman doing yoga in empty room

Poses are often called by their Sanskrit names but have English translations – while many are not familiar with padmasana, they may be aware of ‘lotus pose’ or ‘crossed-legged seated pose’. 

Yoga is commonly practised for both fitness and relaxation, and is often accompanied by the breathing exercise known as pranayama, with sessions typically ending with a period of meditation. 

Its popularity is unsurprising when you consider the multiple benefits claimed by practitioners. Along with improved muscle strength, flexibility and posture, studies have shown it can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress, and may help reduce symptoms of depression. Many devotees also report improved focus, relaxation and sleep quality. 

For those looking to try yoga, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many different styles, including the popular Hatha yoga which is characterised by a slower pace and classic approach to breathing and exercises. This can make it an ideal starting point for new recruits. 

Other popular styles include the very athletic Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, which sets a sequence of poses in a sauna-like room, and Yin yoga, designed to target connective tissues and strengthen joints.  

For the more experienced yoga enthusiasts out there, we’ve created a 30-day yoga challenge that gradually builds in intensity. 

Download the calendar below and get practising. 

 The 30-Day Yoga Challenge includes advanced poses, please do not attempt a pose if you have not practised it before.

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