Nine bizarre things people use home security cameras for

Living Well | Tianna Nadalin | Posted on 12 March 2020

RACV survey reveals nine of the most bizarre uses for home security cameras.

If you thought the reason for installing home security cameras was for, well, keeping your home secure, think again. A new RACV online survey has uncovered what Victorians really use their home security cameras for – and the results might surprise you. 

While almost two-thirds of people said they used the cameras to keep their homes safe from burglaries and theft, one in six people admitted their main reason for installing security cameras was to watch the family pet when nobody was home.

But it was the ‘other’ category that provided some of the most interesting insights. These are nine unusual ways people are using their home security cameras.

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Nine bizarre uses for home security cameras 

Spying on pets

Coming in at second place in RACV’s online security camera survey was spying on pets, with one in six respondents admitting the main use for their home security camera was to keep an eye on their fur babies. 

Keeping an eye on the neighbours

Keeping an eye on nosy neighbours and late-night rubbish dumpers was also in the top three, which comes as little surprise given a recent spate of garden disputes and bin battles. “The third-most popular use for the home security camera was to see what was happening in the neighbourhood,” RACV spokesperson Brodie Bott says. Plus, it makes it easier to catch those pesky rose-bush raiders and after-dark graffiti artists.  

Watching deliveries arrive

Aussies love online shopping. Last year we spent $28.6 billion on eCommerce sales and that number is only set to increase. It’s hardly surprising, then, that we’re pretty keen on making sure our deliveries make it to our place in one piece, with the fourth-most common use for home security cameras being “to ensure online shopping deliveries arrived safely”. 

Spying on family 

Pets aren’t the only housemates we’re using our security cameras to spy on. Coming in at number five was keeping an eye on family. Gone are the good old days of teenage sneaking-out-in-the-middle-of-the-night rebellion, or of stumbling home at 4am after too many cocktails and trying to convince your partner you really got in just after midnight. There’s no tricking the security camera.

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Keeping an eye on tradies 

Think your tradie is charging you for labour when they’re not really working? You’re not alone. Some respondents said keeping an eye on tradies was their primary reason for installing security cameras. For extra peace of mind, RACV’s Home Trades and Services platform provides access to a range of  tradies who have been vetted by RACV, with the cost of completing, correcting or rectifying faulty work covered up to $3000. So you can get back to e-snooping on your puppies during your lunch break. 

Watching the weather 

Forget people watching – weather watching could be Victoria’s next professional pastime. And, thanks to the Internet of Things, even storm chasing has been digitised, with some Victorians revealing they use their home security cameras to watch the weather.  

Catching a cheating spouse 

Suspect your spouse might be unfaithful? RACV’s online survey revealed some Victorians are using their security cameras to catch cheating spouses. Private investigators have some serious competition. 

Reserving parking spots  

Why use your security camera to protect your home from break-ins or burglaries when you could use it to monitor your parking spot? One respondent admitted to using their security camera to make sure nobody stole their car space. How, you ask? Your guess is as good as ours.  

To deter burglars  

Some security-conscious survey participants clearly believe prevention is better than a cure. They weren’t all that concerned about what they could catch on the cameras, their most important function was the visible deterrent to would-be burglars looking for a soft target.

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