Meet Victoria’s most Insta-famous pets

Living Well | Jenna Meade | Posted on 24 December 2019

Drumroll please. These are the Instafamous fur babies adding sass to your scroll.

Whether you’re a cat, dog or doe-eyed deer person, there’s an A-list animal ready to lighten up your digital life. From pampered pooch getaways at the country’s best pet hotels to fur-drobes to rival those of even their two-legged counterparts, here’s how Victoria’s top pets are glamming up the ‘gram.

Fluffy toy poodle sitting on couch wearing a tie

Photo @LifeOfJinkee.

Pet deer standing in front of rustic blue door

Photo @MyDeerLittlePony.

Sausage dog sitting on park bench

Photo: @FrankieTheLilSausage.

Introducing Victoria's most Instafamous pets



She’s a regular at Melbourne’s hippest eateries, was featured in The New York Times and has racked up almost 80,000 followers. Perhaps it’s her smile-inducing style that boosted this pooch’s popularity. Think bow ties, happy-hued bandanas, turtleneck pullovers and much-needed raincoats to brave the Victorian winter chill. (More: The rise of pet-friendly cities)

Or it could be her inspiring entrepreneurial spirit. Jinkee has her own fashion line, selling enamel clothing pins and donating funds to not-for-profit animal hospital, Lort Smith. And if that’s not enough to warrant a follow, it’s worth noting she also dedicates her days being a therapy dog for family violence victims.

Mr Bigglesworth


Born to parents carrying a hairless gene, Mr Bigglesworth is a precious Rex rabbit surviving - and thriving - against the odds of his hairless genetic disorder. Named after Dr. Evil's hairless pet cat from Austin Powers, the cheeky, snuggle-loving bunny is winning hearts across the globe as he flaunts the important message that differences should be embraced, not shunned. 

Almost 100,000 followers watch on as Mr Bigglesworth flaunts quirky costumes, hangs out with his sister rabbit Miss Cinnamon Bun and promotes his line of merchandise including phone covers, socks and mugs.

Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll


Once a stray on death row, this rescued pup has gone from pound to pampered. Pikelet is a published author (with Penguin releasing his memoirs The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet), recently lapped up star treatment as a VIP guest at The Langham in Sydney and is an Australian ambassa-dog for Amazon Pets. 

But fame hasn’t gone to his head. Pikelet uses his social media superstardom for good. With an engaged audience of 174,000 followers, this passionate pal raises awareness for dog adoption to help other animals facing a similar heartbreaking fate. As well as searching for fur-ever homes, the foster brother often finds them their own Insta-fame along the way.

Close up of bald rabbit with ears spiked

Photo @MrBigglesworthRabbit.

Dog dressed up in sweater and bowtie wearing sunglasses

Photo @LifeOfPikelet.

Tabby cat sitting on kitchen table

Photo @Omar_MaineCoon.



Think Bambi meets Old McDonald. Pony had a sad start to life, entering foster care after being found scared, alone and weak. Taken in by the family of aforementioned and, now, proud big brother, Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll, the darling deer has found joy surrounded by dogs, ducks, pigs and goats in her country Victorian life.  

Pony is partial to mischievous play dates with her lamb foster brother, Poodle, naps on the couch and helping her foster mum cook - giving her the best angle to sneak carrot cuttings off the bench. The seriously adorable lass is giving new meaning to doe-eyed. I mean, just look at those lashes. 

Frankie Sunny


While she may be miniature in dachshund, Frankie Sunny is mega in spirit. Self-proclaimed ‘part time model, full time party girl’, the five-year-old Melbourne power pooch has strutted her stuff for Gorman and Ovolo Hotels and was last year a finalist in the Bupa Blog Awards. But nothing can top her touching role as flower dog at her human parents’ wedding.  

More than 70,000 followers watch on as the silky black-furred, floppy-eared fashionista spends her days making memories with best mate, Colin the cavoodle, stretching her legs at St Kilda Beach or planning her next too-cute-for-words costume. 



They say good things come in small packages. Well, this cool cat from the south east side is the exception to that rule. Meet Omar, a Melbourne-based Maine Coon who loves cuddling on the couch, canoodling with his baby foster siblings and keeping up appearances for his 141,000 Instagram followers. Omar, who grew up in Croydon, weighs 14kg and measures in at 120cm long, putting him in the running to be crowing the world's longest cat. (More: How to plan the purr-fect feline holiday)

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