Yoga video: Golden Seed

Living Well | RACV | Posted on 25 May 2020

Join RACV Torquay Resort yoga instructor Russelle for a virtual yoga class.

Join RACV Torquay Resort’s Yoga Instructor Russelle in a calming and relaxing sequence called Golden Seed.

This sequence was developed by the founder of the Yin Yoga practise and involves both Yin and Yang movements. 

The Yang element means it requires movement and will create heat – perfect for those cold winter mornings. The Yin element means it requires flow; the best way to achieve this is to move your limbs as though you were moving them through water or treacle to achieve slow, flowing movements.

The sequence is good for your spine, chest and shoulders. You can bend your knees as much as you need to throughout the practise – ensure you are comfortable in all movements.

In Golden Seed, it is important to be light on your feet to allow you to move and pivot the feet; this may feel strange as many other sequences require you to be grounded, however it will become easier with practise.

Begin with your feet wider that hip distance, roughly parallel, with toes facing forwards. Turn your palms and biceps forward and allow your face and gaze to soften.

Take the time to watch the full sequence before commencing your practice. Complete the sequence as many times as you like, following your breath.

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