Yoga video: Offering and Receiving

Living Well | RACV | Posted on 18 May 2020

Get your zen on with a guided Offering and Receiving sequence with RACV Torquay Resort yoga instructor Russelle.

Join RACV Torquay yoga instructor Russelle in a short sequence called Offering and Receiving. A way of offering energy out and drawing energy back into yourself, this is a practice for loosening your spine. 


As you move through the sequence, bend your knees deeply as you bend forward and back; this will allow the spine to loosen and extend.

If you have issues with your neck and shoulders, proceed slowly and cautiously when extending your neck and taking your head back at the end of the movement.

Note the quarter turn part way through the sequence is not necessary in your own practice; this is just to allow you to view the sequence from a different angle.

To begin, stand towards the top of your mat, with your feet hip distance apart and hands by your sides; relaxed, but aware.

Take the time to watch the full sequence before commencing your practice. Complete the sequence as many times as you like, following your breath.