Tee time: Beginner golf tips

Living Well | RACV | Posted on 16 February 2019

RACV Royal Pines Resort golf teacher Mark Gibson outlines the basics for newbies to the game.

What’s the first thing a newbie needs to know?

Golf is a lot simpler than most people think. It’s not difficult to hit a golf ball if you’ve the basics covered.

What are the ‘basics’?

A neutral grip, good posture to help with swing and projecting the ball (flighting it accurately), balance and core strength for power.

aerial shot of RACV royal pines golf course

Any golfing no-nos?

Golfing etiquette is all about common sense. Don’t hit the ball if there’s someone in the way, and a bit of hush when someone is taking a swing.

Golfing outfits are famously colourful. Do you really have to get dressed up to play?

Not at all, just wear good sports clothes, comfortable shoes and, especially if you’re here in Queensland, a wide-brimmed hat.

Typical student?

I take students from five years of age but my oldest beginner was 81.

Top golf tip?  
Go out and enjoy yourself. It’s a game, so it’s supposed to be fun.

Keen to get started? Book a half-hour ($70) or one-hour ($120) lesson with Mark at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast. Ring (07) 5597 8774.