RACV's young motorists club

Living Well | Helen Stitt | Posted on 01 May 2017

The way we were: a look back at RACV's past.

An RACV member from 1971 stands in front of his car

Young Motorists (YM) was an innovative membership product for drivers under 30, introduced in 1971. RACV’s aim was to promote road safety and obtain young drivers’ feedback on policy. More than half the 926 people killed on Victorian roads that year were under the age of 25 and RACV was very keen to reverse these tragic statistics.

YM got off to a flying start with 650 people crowded into the Camberwell Civic Centre for its launch. Members met monthly and received the Motorvation magazine. Motorsports were popular activities designed to improve driving skills. Lectures were delivered on driving technique and responsibilities. This photograph shows Youth Activities Officer, Rick McKay, beside the education team’s ‘Motorvation’ car. Social activities included film nights, dinners and an annual tour to Outback Australia.

The Young Motorists’ heyday was short-lived and the membership category was discontinued in the mid-’70s. Former Young Motorists still attend large reunions today, indicating there was no lack of social ‘motorvation’ fuelling their activities.