School holidays movie guide

Living Well | Megan Whitfield | Posted on 22 June 2019

What to see at the cinema these school holidays.

The school holidays are here and that means it’s time to unwind. Is there any better way to do that than catching the latest flick on the big screen?

We’ve pulled together a list of crowd-pleasers to keep everyone happy. So grab your popcorn, check out RACV’s great discounts on movie tickets, and sit back.

People watching a movie at a cinema.


It’s time for a magic carpet ride – and a touch of Will Smith. Get swept up in the magic of Aladdin as you’re transported to the bustling streets of Agrabah, a kingdom at risk of being overthrown by evil sorcerer Jafar.

Will a charismatic genie, a magic lamp, and a lovable street urchin be enough to save the day?

This one has been out for a little while now, but it’ll still be going strong through the school holidays. 

Release date: Now showing.  

Men In Black: International

In the fourth movie in the series, your favourite secret organisation regulating alien activity is back with Men In Black: International.

They’re facing a new global threat that’s ready to challenge everything the Men in Black know about their organisation. There’s a mole, and it’s up to ever-handsome and seasoned Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and sarcastic fresh recruit Agent M (Tessa Thompson) to find them.

Settle in for two hours of action, quick remarks, and intergalactic creatures.

Release date: Now showing.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

This one is for all the dog lovers out there (so, everyone).

Ever wondered what your pooch gets up to while you’re out? Or pondered whether they can actually understand you? Well, wonder no longer, thanks to The Secret Life of Pets 2.

Following on from the original 2016 movie, Max the Terrier must come to terms with some serious life changes when his owner gets married and has a baby. 

And that’s on top of dealing with some unfriendly cows, an intimidating turkey and some unwelcoming foxes when the family heads on a holiday to the countryside. Honestly, what’s a dog to do?

Release date: Now showing.


This one is for the slightly older kids (the movie has an M rating). 

Ever wondered what the world would look like if no one remembered the Beatles except you? Well, now you can find out. 

Yesterday explores this exact experience, as struggling singer-songwriter Jack (Himesh Patel) wakes up from a freak global blackout to find that he’s the only person in the world who remembers The Beatles. Can his overnight success last?

You might want to book a karaoke session for after this one, because those hits are not going to get out of your head.

Opens: 27 June.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Time for an adrenaline hit. Everyone’s favourite friendly superhero is back, and still reeling from all the events of Marvel blockbuster Avengers: End Game

In an attempt to get some normality back into his life Peter Parker joins his friends on a European adventure – but when you’re Spiderman, nothing is that straightforward. 

It doesn’t take long until a series of attacks means Peter must choose between a ‘regular’ life and living up to the legacy of his hero.

Opens: 1 July.

Toy Story 4

Just when you’d finally come to terms with Woody and Buzz finding a new family away from Andy, the gang have returned for a new adventure in Toy Story 4

Craving an adventure, they head out on a road trip with Bonnie, only to be reunited with Woody’s long-lost friend, Bo Peep. New friendships are formed, old relationships are rekindled, and what it really means to be a toy is explored. 

It’s bright, it’s fun and, as per usual, it’s far more emotional than you’d expect for a story about toys.

Opens: Now showing.