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Hook turn in Melbourne

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Posted December 20, 2022

From the most-broken road rules, to the best country pubs, and ANZAC biscuit recipes, these were your favourite stories of the year.

It’s been a big year of storytelling at RACV. We’ve scoured the state to find Victoria’s best beaches, most haunted houses, biggest sneaker collection and quirkiest towns. We’ve poured over how to make the ultimate dirty martini and southside fizz, and helped you ditch the booze with some seriously sip-worthy mocktails.

We’ve raided the RACV City Club kitchens for the best lemon tart, sausage roll and classic chicken sandwich recipes, and given you a masterclass in what to cook in an air fryer. We’ve analysed how much it costs to own and run some of Victoria’s top-selling cars, decoded some of the state’s most confusing parking signs and reviewed and road tested some of the year’s hottest new cars.

But it wouldn’t be possible without you, our readers. So, in case you missed any of these, here are our most-read stories of 2022.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more of the news, reviews and lifestyle content you love in 2023.

Melbourne’s most authentic Neapolitan-style pizza | RACV


The road rules most-often broken in Victoria

Despite the constant reminders, rising fines, and increased driver education, road rules are broken every day on Victoria’s roads, and some more than others.

A range of road laws are broken hundreds of thousands of times over during any given year, but it seems the same five road laws are the most frequently broken year-on-year.

Read the full story here.


Why does Australia drive on the left-hand side?

Left-hand traffic may be standard here in Australia, but it’s a trend that is in the vast minority around the world. How did this happen?

Roughly a quarter of all countries around the world drive on the left, with the rest adopting right-hand traffic. The origin of this law is as complicated as it is vague, and there are many legends that have persisted in an attempt to explain its origins.

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Australia's best-selling car: Toyota HiLux 2022 review

The beloved Toyota HiLux continues its reign as Australia's favourite set of wheels, but for how much longer can the jack-of-all-trades keep the crown?

Read the full review here.


Toyota HiLux 2022 review | RACV


The best and easiest Anzac biscuit recipe

It’s not Anzac Day without the memorial’s namesake rolled-oat-and-golden-syrup biscuit. The simple act of baking and sharing a batch of the buttery, coconut-laden delights is a way of remembering and honouring our troops. Plus bringing some in on your next office day is sure to win you some brownie points with your colleagues.

So, if you’re in the mood to get baking, we caught up with Le Petit Gateau to find out everything you need to know about whipping up the ultimate Anzac biscuits.

Check out the full recipe here.

Car Review

Sport car showdown: Ford Mustang GT versus Kia Stinger GT

Since the pony car pranced onto Australian roads in 2015 it has dominated the sports car segment. It is a muscle car icon and has starred in countless movies, from Bullitt to John Wick.

Kia’s Stinger was crafted for a different audience, having been designed as a competitor for the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe and BMW 4 Series. 

It has been a success in its own right in the large sedan segment without enjoying the sales of the Ford.

In terms of performance and driving engagement, though, this pair are neck-and-neck, which is why we put them through their paces.

Read the full review here.

Travel & travel guide

17 of the best country pubs in regional Victoria

The battle for 'best country pub' has long been raging in Victoria. And, while a winner is yet to be crowned when it comes to regional counter-culture, there is no shortage of terrific taverns, historic hotels and inviting inns at which to enjoy a delicious meal, washed down with a dose of good old fashioned country hospitality.

From Kilcunda to Castlemaine and Wandiligong to Wye River, we've poured through the state to bring you this guide to 17 outstanding country pubs worthy of being added to your next regional road trip.

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Everything to see, eat and do in Daylesford

Famous for its mineral springs, galleries and gardens, the quaint regional town of Daylesford is the perfect place to relax and unwind while exploring the delights of the region.

Looking for a weekend getaway in regional Victoria where you can enjoy fine wine, soak in mineral springs, enjoy luscious greenery and antique finds?

Situated just a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, the town of Daylesford is the perfect getaway for those looking to indulge in the senses. Located at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, Daylesford and nearby Hepburn Springs are filled with plenty of activities, restaurants, natural experiences, and artistic finds.

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Victoria's cheapest cars to own and run in 2022 | RACV


The best musicals and stage shows coming to Melbourne in 2022

It’s been a magnificent year for theatre and stage lovers alike, especially after RACV launched a partnership with Ticketek, where Members can enjoy a range of benefits to select shows including exclusive offers, upgrades and experiences.

With a plethora of entertainment once again adorning our beloved theatres, from big-budget international music spectaculars to lunchtime matinees, ballet, arena shows, and musical adaptations, this is your cue to get ready for a year of entertainment in Melbourne.

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What burglars want to steal most from you

There’s good news for homeowners with new ways of living and working contributing to a fall in burglaries and break and enter offences.

Data from the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency reveals that 31,621 burglaries and break and enter offences were recorded in Victoria in 2021, down from 36,504 in 2020 and 40,217 in 2019.

With the average time spent on a burglary now totalling just eight minutes according to Neighbourhood Watch Victoria, household items most likely to be stolen are those that are in clear sight, just inside an open door or window.

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Making your home more energy efficient | RACV


How to recycle e-waste in Victoria

Australians love their tech. We are a nation of early adopters, eagerly pouncing on the latest gizmos and gadgets to get us ahead.

But with all the new tech coming into our homes every year inevitably makes the old stuff redundant, and the waste generated as a result  is staggering. The amount of electronic waste (or ‘e-waste’) produced globally is on a steady increase, with around 57.4 million tonnes electronic waste thrown away in 2021 alone (up from 33.8 million tonnes in 2010).

So, do you know what to do with your e-waste?

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9 smart home devices that could save you money

Smart tech doesn’t just make your home more convenient. From smart plugs and lightbulbs to sprinklers and thermostats, here’s how smart devices can help you save money around the home.

Smart home devices do more than just make it easier to see who’s at your front door or spy on your pets while you’re at work. When used correctly, they can also help save you money on everything from your energy bills and water usage to your weekly grocery shop.

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