Stars and their cars: Dave Hughes takes the driver’s seat

Man standing in front of parked car with hands on hips.

Peter Wilmoth

Posted June 22, 2020

Why comedian, television and radio host Dave Hughes is happy to be a Volvo driver.

If there's one thing comedian, Carlton supporter, and radio and television host Dave Hughes can't stand, it's the death of the courtesy wave. From arrogant drivers to the car he'd never be caught driving, we got behind the wheel with the Hughesy and Ed co-host to talk all things cars.

Talking cars with Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes

First set of wheels?

My first car I inherited off my brother who had just entered the navy and didn’t need his Ford Escort van any more. It had so much rust it was like driving a Flintstones car. I literally could put my feet through the floor.

Currently driving?

I got the Volvo last year. I think I read somewhere that they don’t crash and when they do crash no one gets hurt. Touch wood. Three children, back of the Volvo, safe but exciting still. It goes from nought to 100 real, real quick. 

Petrol or diesel?

I have a hybrid. I can plug this in every night and get 35 kilometres of electric driving before I have to use the petrol. I love the quietness of the electric car as well. Sometimes you’ve got to be on the horn because no one can hear you.

Favourite road-trip memory?

My favourite road trip was a trip across the Nullarbor with my mate Rat in 1993. I had dreams of becoming a standup comedian but I thought I’m going to drive far away from anyone who knows me, so when I fail I can fail in peace and fail alone. Rat wasn’t very supportive, but here we are today.

Driver’s seat or passenger? 

I love driving. I like to be the driver. My wife gets annoyed sometimes when she wants to be the driver. She’s a navigator. I think she resents me being the driver and isn’t always a great navigator to be honest so I should let her drive more often.

If money were no object?

If money was no object and I wasn’t scared of looking like a total wanker I would probably get a Lamborghini. I drove one in Italy recently and I drove it too close to the side of the road and I actually became a whipper-snipper in that Lamborghini. They are very low to the ground I must say.

I would never be caught driving...

I’d never be caught driving a Porsche or something that screams you’ve got too much money.

My pet driving hate is... 

It annoys me when people won’t let you in. You’re on a side street, you just want to get into traffic like everyone else and it’s banked up for a kilometre so why not let me in? I also hate it when you’re on that main road and someone wants to get in – no, you’re not, you wait. So I’m a hypocrite.

I hate it when...

People don’t wave. Especially on a narrow street, you’ve waited for them to come through, taking time out of your busy schedule and they can’t even wave. I’m a big waver. I love to wave. I expect them to recognise me as well. Not only do you get a wave, you get a wave from Hughesy. Why aren’t they happy?

Dave Hughes co-hosts Hughesy & Ed on the Hit Network.