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Posted June 10, 2020

RACV launches How Safe Is My Place initiative with Neighbourhood Watch.

During the COVID-19 crisis we’ve witnessed many acts of kindness in neighbourhoods across Victoria, proving good neighbours should never be underestimated. 

RACV hopes to build on this growing community spirit through its How Safe Is My Place partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, to help make all Victorians feel safer in their homes.

(Plus: How to protect your property during the COVID-19 crisis.)

“Having a good relationship with the people around your neighbourhood is really important when you need a helping hand,” says RACV Home general manager Darren Turner.

“There are also some simple ways to make sure your home and family are safe, such as installing good locks, a home security system and checking that your home insurance policy is up to date with adequate cover.”

Check out our new video for some handy tips on how to keep your home safe, and remember to take the How Safe is My Place quiz after you’ve watched it.

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