Is this Australia’s biggest and best Pokémon collection?

Pokemon cards

Danny Baggs

Posted May 17, 2022

Pokémon cards have exploded in value in recent years, which is good news for avid collector George, whose Pokémon card collection takes up entire walls of his house. 
George started collecting Pokémon cards as a kid. He would buy $3 packs from the store and play with his dad and younger brother, fostering fond memories that would turn into a lifelong hobby.

“I still have a lot of my childhood cards in my collection,” George reminisces with a smile. “They are battered from being in my pocket, being in my school pants. Those are the things that I will keep forever. I won't get rid of those.”

Watch George talk about his incredible Pokémon collection. 

Gotta catch all the Pokemon cards

George’s most prized Pokémon card is a first edition Charizard. “It’s not going to be printed ever again,” explains George. “If I lost my Charizard card...I would be shattered.” 

That said, George intends to complete his set with every graded Charizard card and the PSA10 Charizard. “One of those cards in a BGS 10 would be worth around AUD$700,000,” George admits. “Gotta catch 'em all.” 

man in front of pokemon card collection

A small portion of George's massive Pokémon collection.


The value of rare and highly sought-after Pokémon cards has surged in recent years, and even developed into a true asset class. “Pokémon's like the biggest trading card game business in the world,” says George. “It's a $97 billion business.” 
If you have Pokémon cards yourself, protect them so that their condition (and therefore value) doesn’t deteriorate. “Don’t put it in your pocket. And don't put it in the washing machine. I've done that before,” George advises. 
Like most diehard collectors, George doesn’t have plans to give up his treasure trove any time soon. “I will continue collecting because it's a part of me. I want it to be a part of my children one day. This is going to be for them.”


Just some of the Pokémon cards George has been collecting over the years.
A rare Pokémon card in George's collection.

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