Australian businesses adopt cleaner energy opportunities

Victorian business with solar panels

David Toscano

Posted October 26, 2022

It’s not just Australian households accelerating towards a cleaner energy future. Businesses big and small are investing in solar systems and batteries to reduce energy costs and emissions.

Spurred on by the potential for energy cost savings, attractive government rebates and consumer demand for sustainable products and services, Australian businesses are choosing to install solar systems, solar batteries and energy-efficient appliances in a shift to cleaner energy that shows no sign of slowing down.

Cleaner energy for businesses

Solar power and energy-efficient appliances make commercial sense for many businesses given their energy requirements. Small and medium-sized businesses are set to play a key role in the greening of the Australian economy according to Bill Bloodworth, RACV Solar Chief Operating Officer.

“It’s things like solar on roofs, its batteries, and it’s other low energy appliances around a business. RACV Solar is helping businesses across the eastern seaboard with their energy transition,” Bloodworth says.

From service providers to manufacturers, businesses across the economy are seizing the solar opportunity. Even those caring for our most vulnerable, with ‘always-on’ energy demands, are embracing renewable solar energy.


solar panels on roof of business

Solar panels powering the Terraces at McKenzie Aged Care. Image: Supplied.


In 2020 and 2021, RACV Solar worked side by side with family-owned McKenzie Aged Care to map the roll out of 1.8 megawatts of solar across the business’s 11 aged care facilities in New South Wales and Queensland. With previous experience installing large-scale solar systems for clients in health and aged care sectors, RACV Solar understood that the solar systems had to be installed without interrupting McKenzie Aged Care’s sensitive 24 hour / 7 days a week operating hours.

“RACV Solar’s presence in the cleaner energy space is good news for RACV. It indicates our intent to help Members and the broader community transition to a cleaner energy future,” Bloodworth says.

Government subsidies can reduce the financial barriers of solar installation. Businesses that employ between one and 50 people may be eligible to receive a discount of up to $3,500 off installing a rooftop solar panel system. Like households, businesses can also access an interest-free loan, with up to $5,000 available to help cover the costs of installing solar.

More information can be found at Solar Victoria.

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