Online driver training to tackle workplace crashes

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RACV Staff

Posted July 25, 2022

A new and innovative driver training course designed for those that work behind the wheel encourages drivers to make simple changes that improve road safety.

Concerns over public transport and ride sharing mean that traffic snarls are back across capital cities and regional areas, with the number of cars on the road almost back to pre-COVID-19 levels despite many people choosing to work from home.

For employees that drive for work and cover long distances, the increase in road traffic brings road safety risks. According to Safe Work Australia, about one third of Australian workplace fatalities involve a vehicle and around 60 per cent of crashes are the fault of someone driving for work.

RACV Online Safe Driver Training program

With many businesses looking to upskill their drivers and keep them safe at work, RACV has launched its new Online Safe Driver Training program providing Australians who drive for work access to high quality, safe driving training created by RACV’s own fleet and road safety experts.

The RACV Online Safe Driver Training program provides a comprehensive overview encouraging drivers to assess their own behaviour and make simple changes.

RACV Executive General Manager Motoring and Mobility, Phil Turnbull, said RACV’s new program was an evolution of RACV’s existing classroom-based driver safety sessions and in-vehicle driver assessments, and can help make our roads and workplaces safer.
“Over the last couple of years, we were asked by many organisations if we could deliver an online program as many people who drive for work cannot meet face-to-face due to schedules or work locations,” Mr Turnbull said.
“The online training covers every aspect of driver training and provides practical advice about the vehicle, the road and driver behaviours to keep drivers and everyone else on the road safe.  
“It assists participants evaluating their unique situation and make decisions about how to apply their learnings to their work environment and become a leader for others in their workplace.” 

Online driver tests, training and education programs are growing in popularity with Learner and Hazard Perception tests for young drivers launching online in 2021. Online programs offer an efficient way to train staff with busy schedules and working remotely.

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RACV Online Safe Driver Training program encourages drivers to assess their own behaviour. Image: Getty

Road fatalities increase

The announcement of the Online Safe Driver Training program comes off the back of data revealing an increase in road fatalities last year.

Despite the curfews and driving radius limits in metropolitan areas, there were 237 road fatalities on Victorian roads in 2021 - 26 more than in 2020. 

Changes in driving behaviour were also noticed by motorists. Research by Ford Australia found that 56 per cent of Australian drivers felt that driving behaviour had become more unpredictable since the start of the pandemic. The confidence of Victorian drivers has also taken a hit, with 18.7 per cent of the state’s respondents admitting they felt nervous on the roads due to the behaviour of others.

RACV Policy Lead - Safety, Elvira Lazar, said RACV wants to help protect the safety of people that drive for work.
“With our new Online Safe Driver Training program, we teach drivers to protect themselves and others by adopting a ‘Safety Mindset’ that encourages them to understand the factors that increase crash risk and plan ahead to reduce that risk as much as possible.”

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