Cape Schanck inspiration

Travelling Well | Photos: Anne Morley and Shannon Morris | Posted on 04 June 2018

From the region’s rugged beaches to its rocky cliffs and rolling hills, the new Cape Schanck Resort on the Mornington Peninsula draws inspiration from its stunning natural surrounds.

Oyster shells and storm clouds, the ever-shifting colours of the ocean, the golden warmth of sand and stone, crimson sunsets and ruby-red grapes and berries: At Cape Schanck Resort, the raw, uncompromising beauty of the Mornington Peninsula coastline is expressed within its walls, from the sensual, curving shapes of its corridors and salons to the soaring spaces that offer views stretching from Melbourne’s skyline to the wild shores of Bass Strait.

On a mission to capture the essence of the resort, RoyalAuto sent art director Lisa Luscombe and photographers Anne Morley and Shannon Morris to the cape, to share with readers their impressions of this extraordinary destination, located in this special corner of coastal Victoria.

In a series of moodboards, the trio bring together a collection of images and objects evoking the synchronicity created by nature – the winds, tides and seasons – and the work of the dedicated architects and builders, artists, chefs and craftspeople who have brought the resort to life.  

close up of brown glass tile detail

Glass tiles from Bisazza add a dramatic flair to the interior of the resort’s lifts.

moodboard in a yellow palette  with yellow wildflowers and tiles on a dark background

The colours of the dunes: bright gold and sand-soft hues. The rounded form of the resort takes inspiration from the curve of a beach, a sea-weathered shell.

close up of golden light hitting spiral staircase

Changing light transforms the curving lobby staircase from gold to pink and deep blue.

closeup of fork about to enter pink ice cream

Executive chef Josh Pelham brings the flavours of the peninsula to every plate at Cape.

moodboard with pink pallet containing star anaise wildflowers pink pate with pink salt, vases and shells

Native flowers, local flavours,  warm spices and a cosy fireplace echo the colours of the cape.

closeup of fireplace emitting purple and pink flames and coal rocks

After a day exploring the coast, the cosy fire in the resort’s lounge is irresistible.

close up of a white faux fur rug on a deep blue background

Faux fur rugs make every room a cosy and inviting retreat.

close up of a group of hand blown hanging lights that are designed to echo the fluidity of water

Hand-blown lighting echoes the fluidity of water.

deep blue and grey colour palette mood board with oysters, salt, charcoal cheese and gum leaves

The bounty of the land and sea. Rich textures, shapes and forms add layers of interest, depth and comfort.

green colour palette mood board with gum leaves, green tiles and vases

Rugged hills and winding roads, rolling seas and stormy skies – the dramatic landscape is ever changing.

close up of green spa tiles under water

Sea-green tiles evoke the ocean at the resort's One Spa. 

close up of green leaves

Take a walk on the coast and be immersed in wilderness. .

Art direction: Lisa Luscombe
Opening image: Judith Van Heeren  Day Seagarden 2017 oil on linen image courtesy the artist and Murray White Room.