Tom's Top Tips: Choosing the Correct Ball


How to choose the best golf ball for your

Largely underrated as a piece of equipment, golf balls come in endless varieties from brands, models, prices, colours and compressions. This creates difficulty when choosing one for your next round. The importance of finding the correct ball for you and your swing cannot be underrated.

Every player will have a ball that suits them best. The most important consideration for determining the right ball is club head speed. Club head speed defines how much you can compress a ball on a single shot.

The correct compression is important to ensure you do no over compress or under compress the ball. Over compression will cause a loss in distance and increased side spin resulting in exaggerated slices or hooks. Under compression will create a lower ball flight, more roll and less control around the greens.

Generally speaking, amateur golfers have a club head speed between 85 and 95mph. Most balls will have a compression that matches this including the Titleist NXT Tour. For those who swing slower than this, a softer, lower compression ball is best such as a Callaway Supersoft. For players who swing faster than 95mph a firmer ball, generally a tour ball is best, for example, a Taylormade TP5.

The most important aspect of selecting a golf ball for your upcoming round is to be realistic. Consider your handicap, your club head speed and swing speed, and your age. The most expensive is not always the best and despite what you may have been told, the hardest, cheapest golf balls do not go the furthest because they do not compress and spring of the face of the club.