Conforming Social Rounds

Update your handicap outside of competitions

Golf handicap for social rounds

Conforming Social Rounds (CSR) are a great way to make the most of a round of golf and as the weather improves, it is important to remember the rules & regulations that Golf Australia have implemented. These rules ensure that CSRs can remain as an option to submit a scorecard without playing in a competition. 

Essential aspects of every golf scorecard that all players must ensure are on each one they submit are:

  • Name
  • Handicap
  • Daily Handicap
  • Date
  • Players Signature
  • Markers Signature
  • Stableford Points

These aspects are all complimented by the successful submission of CSRs.

There are a few steps to correctly submitting a CSR and recently, the RACV Golf Team launched a new website which means all golf handicap management including CSR submission can be completed online. The new handicap management page can be found here

The first step to correctly submitting a CSR is to notify us of your intention to play. An intention to play requires the completion of a form, which can be found here. This form contains details of your upcoming round including where and when you are playing. 

Once you complete your round, you will need to submit your scorecard for processing which can also be completed on our new website. Scorecard submission can be found here.  Information about the course you played is necessary because the scratch rating, slope rating, par and your daily handicap can influence how your stableford score is effected in regard to where you play.

Once all information is entered, a picture of your scorecard is required to ensure all information provided is relevant to your round. 

These steps are essential in ensuring all CSR submissions meet Golf Australia’s regulations and most importantly, mean your handicap can be updated correctly for each CSR submission. 

All that is left to do is to is find somewhere to play and submit that next social conforming round!