Daily Handicap explanation


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When playing a round of golf, the handicap you play off is your daily handicap not your exact Golf Australia handicap.  The easiest way to find your daily handicap is via the Golf Australia Daily Handicap Calculator.

A daily handicap is a combination of a golfer’s exact GA handicap and the slope rating for a particular golf course and set of tees. This means that a golfer’s handicap can vary between courses, as some are more difficult than others.

For example, if RACV Golf Manager Angela who plays of an exact handicap of 32.9, was to play at Healesville Country Club which has a slope of 114 (relatively easy) her daily handicap for this course is 33. However, if Angela was to play at Cape Schanck which holds a slope rating for ladies of 142 (difficult), her daily handicap would rise to 36.

It is important that all RACV Golf members use the correct daily handicap to make sure stableford scores are a correct and can be submitted for handicapping.