Consistent Pre-Shot Routines

Preshot routines in golf

Consistent routines are a key feature of all professional golfers. They vary from player to player and can be modified to assist with any issue you face before each shot. A consistent pre-shot routine can reduce nerves and anxiety and make anger a thing of the past. Routines apply to every shot from tee to green and in a game of endless variables, they can create an environment full of focus before you hit each shot. 

Jason Day is often ridiculed for his slow pace of play but his pre-shot routine has become reliable and has seen him become a multiple major champion. Day says he closes his eyes and imagines the shot he is about to hit. This routine has served him well 

My pre-shot routine is an opportunity for me to focus on my target, the wind and other varying factors that will affect my shot. Before each shot, I stand behind the ball, pick an object that is a metre from my ball in line with the target which is a key tool for alignment. I then imagine the shot through the air with all factors effecting it. I control my breathing before then hitting the shot. 

This consistent routine enables me to not only plan my shot, assess all factors but also control my breathing, however, the most important thing about my routine is that it is consistent for every shot. 

What does your pre-shot routine look like? Are you modifying it to suit the issues you face with your golf? Are you assessing all variable factors that will affect your shot? Are you doing the same routine prior to each shot? If not, maybe it’s time to implement your consistent pre-shot routine.