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Summer is upon us and with it comes a golfers ideal conditions; warmth, daylights savings and holidays. It is also a time of the year where many of us will drop our handicap due to the extra run and practise.

For this reason, we need to put an emphasis on our putting and our green reading. One thing I have noticed over 10 years of watching golf both live and on television is the time and precision professionals take with their green reading. It is a key to their game and ensuring they make as many putts as possible. 

The obvious angle of green reading is behind the ball, but this angle can often hide slope. Players like Sergio Garcia read each putt from behind the ball, on the low side of the putt and from behind the hole, looking back at the ball. Each angle displays different information including the uphill/downhill and the amount of break in the putt. 

This information will allow for a more accurate decision to be made about pace and line and hopefully see you make more putts.