Winter golf tips


RACV members play golf in the rain

Winter has arrived and that means a probable downgrade in weather conditions. Winter golf is tough but it is important that we all keep playing to stay active and on top of our game.

Preparation is a key - an umbrella, waterproof clothing, two rain gloves and at least 2 towels are all necessities for this time of the year to ensure we have the best score possible.

The most important thing to remember during winter is grip health. Grips are a vital tool to playing successful golf in winter. The best way to avoid any issues is to keep them dry throughout the day. Protect them with an overall bag cover and ensure you take all precautions to keep them dry. Also remember to update your grips. Keep them new, clean and tacky to avoid any unwanted slippages.

Our last wet weather golf tip is to remember that wet and cold weather takes a toll on not only how far the ball rolls but also how far it flies. It can be presumed that low temperatures take at least 10 meters off a standard iron shot. This means, that 150m par-3 that you generally hit 7-iron on, during winter take 6-iron or even 5-iron.