Top wedding trends to watch this year

The RACV Weddings team collectively oversee hundreds of weddings each year across nine venues, so they know a thing or two about organising the perfect wedding. From custom-made signage to drone photography, our wedding coordinators have noticed a few key trends emerging on the wedding scene. 

All you need is love Neon Sign

Neon signs

Once only found on the Las Vegas strip, neon signage has now gone mainstream. A fun way to capture the attention of guests, neon signs also provide a memorable backdrop for wedding photos.

Couples can choose to invest in a custom-made sign with personalised wording, buy an off-the-shelf neon sign with a universal message or even hire a sign from a wedding prop company or stylist. Either way, a neon sign is fast becoming an eye-catching wedding must-have for Australian couples.


Mr. & Mrs. Lightbox Sign

Lightboxes and Letter Lights

Adding a touch of cinematic glamour to a wedding, lightboxes and letter lights are a simple way to welcome guests or convey a cute message.

Do-it-yourself by buying a small lightbox and letters off the shelf from a department or homewares store, or go big by hiring a large, commercial lightbox for a greater impact. Lightboxes act as great wedding photo props too!

Rustic arbour with flowers

Rustic arbours

Exchanging vows under an arched arbour is a wedding tradition that suits many styles of wedding. From garden weddings to beach nuptials, all types of wedding ceremonies feature arbours.

In the past, arbours may have been constructed with clean lines and draped in fabric, but these days the more rustic the arbour, the better. The natural timber look is in, with arbours decorated with free flowing foliage, vines, leaves, flowers and twisted branches providing a dreamy backdrop to arguably the most important part of a wedding ceremony.  


Floral arrangement handing from ceiling

Bringing the outdoors inside

Indoor plants are back in vogue in homes, businesses, hotels and offices all over Australia, and this trend has also swept through the wedding scene. Bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating indoor plants, hanging plants and other attractive greenery into the room creates a fresh, organic wedding look.

Thankfully, there’s no need to have a green thumb to pull this off. Floral stylists can decorate a room and table setting with vivid green plants, leaves and foliage for you. From fringing table settings with foliage to placing potted ferns on tables instead of traditional floral centrepieces, plants are back in a big way. Small potted succulents also make great gifts for guests as they are affordable, easy to transport and require very little maintenance.   

Floral chandelier

Floral chandeliers

Flowers are a wedding essential for most couples, but how floral blooms are being incorporating into weddings has changed over the past few years. Forget leaving flowers in posies, flower crowns or on table settings, flower arrangements are now being incorporated into the ceiling to create a dramatic, decorative effect.

Hanging flower arrangements from light fixtures or overhead hooks lifts a function room to another dimension, crafting a cascading, floral wonderland that guests will instantly admire. 

Drone wedding photography

Drone photography and footage

In the past, getting aerial views of a wedding was only within the reach of celebrities and cashed-up couples who could afford to charter a helicopter. Drone technology has changed that, with many wedding photographers and videographers now also offering drone footage as a part of the package.

Sending a drone up to capture elements of the wedding from a different vantage point is a spectacular way to preserve memories of your big day. Capturing everything from the entire wedding party in one shot to surrounding views of the beach, mountains (or wherever you choose to get married) provides a whole new perspective and spectacular footage you’ll cherish for years to come.

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