RACV Ticketing - Terms and Conditions

All ticket holders are required to present photo identification upon entry at the venue. Ticket holders who cannot provide sufficient identification may be denied entry.

Infants, children and unaccompanied minors may be required to produce identification. Children travelling with adults may also be required to produce identification. It is recommended that parents bring identification for children.

Examples of acceptable forms of identification are: Driver's licence, passport, birth certificate, RACV membership card, school identification or Medicare card listing children. In the event that a concession ticket has been purchased, proof of concession must also be produced upon entry at the venue or entry may be denied.

RACV accepts payment by cash and the following credit cards- Mastercard and Visa.

Price Variation: Prices are correct at time of purchase. RACV accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Exemption from Liability: RACV is not liable for and denies all responsibility for personal injury caused by circumstances outside its control.  RACV cannot accept responsibility for any operator changing or withdrawing   prices, details or services shown: all are subject to alteration without notice.

RACV, in arranging the reservations, is acting as an agent on behalf of the principals. These principals are all land & transport suppliers, including boat companies, attractions & tour operators used & reserved by the client and featured in this brochure, which is produced & distributed by RACV. RACV is not a principal & acts solely as an agent between the principal & the third party (client). RACV is not responsible for monies paid in advance to the principal by RACV on behalf of the third party (client), if the principal is unable to provide that service either by default, insolvency, liquidation, change of ownership or operational difficulties.

RACV is not responsible for any tickets once they have left the premises. This includes tickets sent by post.