RACV encourages safety mindset for cyclists and e-scooter users over summer

RACV External Communications

Posted January 11, 2024

RACV is reminding active transport users to adopt a safety mindset over summer, as Victoria sees an increase in cycling and e-scooter use during the holiday period.

Last summer, the arevo app by RACV recorded a 33 per cent increase in bike trips planned over summer compared to winter, while RACV Bike Assist saw a 39 per cent increase in call-out rates.

Factoring in the influx of tourists and foot traffic across Melbourne, RACV General Manager Mobility, Julia Hunter, said that exercising extra caution would mean all of Melbourne’s road and bike-lane users would have a safer summer.

“This is a great time for active transport users who are enjoying the great outdoor conditions, but it’s also a time of heightened risk,” Ms Hunter said.

“There will be more tourists unfamiliar with our roads and rules, more Victorians riding bikes and e-scooters for the first time and more pedestrians and families exploring our city on-foot.

“Our advice for all motorists and active transport users is to take things a little slower, make sure you’re aware of the relevant road rules, exercise patience and plan ahead so you can enjoy your journey on the safest route possible.

“Bike riders  will be able to take to the road in greater confidence with RACV Bike Assist, which works like emergency assistance for bike riders. For just $47 per year, RACV Bike Assist will help you ride with confidence.”

RACV also encourages e-scooter riders to make sure they are aware of e-scooter laws, as more and more Victorians and visitors adopt the newest form of active transport. It’s also important that e-scooter riders are mindful about where they leave e-scooters, as e-scooters left on pavements can be trip hazards for pedestrians.

The latest Cycling and E-Scooter Economy Report, for which RACV was a program partner, found that 19 per cent of Victorians used an e-scooter in 2022.

“Many Victorians will be using e-scooters for the first time this summer, whether they have purchased themselves or received them as gifts,” Ms Hunter said.

“RACV is encouraging all e-scooter users to familiarise themselves with the laws for their safe use – removing confusion on what is and isn’t allowed can also help keep you and others safe.”

RACV has also taken a lead on safety for e-scooters, providing an explainer video that clearly outlines the rules of the e-scooter trial operating in the cities of Melbourne, Yarra, Port Philip, and regional City of Ballarat.

The award-winning arevo app by RACV can help bicycle and e-scooter users plan out routes and is customisable to cater for your level of expertise. Recent upgrades to the app’s bike map have made it even easier for active transport users to find quiet and safe paths.


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