Sun shines on stadium: RACV Solar powers Warrnambool

RACV External Communications

Posted January 19, 2022

The Warrnambool Stadium is now equipped with a solar and battery system thanks to RACV’s $1 million Solar in the Regions program, providing energy reliability to the stadium and cost savings which will benefit the community. 

The solar and battery system is insurance against the grid going down as it provides reliable back up power for essential services such as refrigeration.

Warrnambool Stadium was identified as a suitable regional location for a solar and battery installation as it is the largest recreation centre in the area, and Warrnambool also provides relief to all the towns around the area.

The stadium offers 2500 square metres of floor space and could potentially play a role in supporting the community in or after an emergency event, as it has during previous bushfires.  

Warrnambool City Council Mayor, Cr Richard Ziegeler said the project was positive for the wider community and would benefit regular stadium users, including community groups, expos, youth events, dance workshops and after school programs.

"Yesterday, we saw roughly 90 primary school kids go to the stadium as part of the Vacation Care Program to see working solar panels, learning about generating electricity and how cleaner energy can benefit the community,” Cr Ziegeler said.

"It was encouraging to see, and we all had a fun day learning with everyone who came. It is a fantastic initiative, and we are both grateful and glad that Warrnambool got to be a part of RACV’s program.”

RACV Solar CEO Andy McCarthy said regional areas are increasingly updating or creating community buildings that are more resilient and adaptable in weather events and bushfires.

“RACV wants to provide regional Victorian communities with a contingency if there is a disruption in the power supply.  The benefits of solar power are well known; reducing electricity bills, and contributing to a cleaner energy source, but in an emergency, you really need back up power, which is why we’ve included battery storage with all these systems,” Mr. McCarthy said.

The solar and battery installation at Warrnambool Stadium includes a 31.5kW rooftop solar system and 16.3kWh of battery storage with backup power.

Warrnambool is one of 27 towns across Victoria where RACV is installing solar panels and batteries on regional community halls, sporting grounds and recreation reserves as part of its Solar in the Regions program. Many installations have already taken place across the state, and you can find more information at


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