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As a mutual organisation with more than 2 million Members, RACV operates in a very different way to shareholder-based companies. The attached documents outline RACV's governance frameworks:

RACV Election of Directors

Candidate details for the 2020 RACV Board Election have now been finalised following the nomination period which closed on 15 July 2020.

This year RACV Club and/or Service members are entitled to vote to fill two Board positions elected by Club and Service members.

Voting Information and Timing

Votes for this year’s election are able to be submitted online. To lodge your vote you will need to refer to the voting instructions sent to you during the past few weeks by email, SMS or post by Tim Jones of CorpVote, the Returning Officer. These instructions contain a link to the secure online voting platform operated by the Returning Officer and they will also contain your voter access code. For security reasons, you need to enter this code along with your member number in order to be able to lodge your vote online.

A letter containing voting instructions has been posted to all members who cannot be contacted by electronic message.

For help with lodging your vote, please contact CorpVote support at support@corpvote.com.au or by calling 1300 147 797.

Voting closes on Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 2.00 PM (AEST). Results of the election will be posted on this website.

Candidate Assessment and Endorsement Process

In accordance with RACV’s Election By-Laws, the RACV Board has retained specialist independent advisers who have assisted with a three - stage assessment process for each candidate having regard to the needs of the significant and now substantial RACV business operations.

In this year’s election, the essential skills targeted by the Board include a demonstrated advanced level of competence in commercial legal practice, the leisure industry or a closely related sector (eg tourism or hospitality) and marketing as well as an advanced level of governance and behavioural competencies.

The Board election process provides members to have the option to appoint the RACV President and Chairman of the Board to act as proxy to vote on their behalf.

The RACV Board has reviewed the outcome of the comprehensive assessment process and determined the two candidates with the most suitable skills and experience to act as RACV directors. As approved by the RACV Board, the President and Chairman intends to vote proxies granted to him in favour of the following election candidates, John Slattery and Stephanie Reeves.

The RACV Board supports the above candidates and believes that it is in the best interests of members to vote in favour of those candidates.

The RACV Board encourages all Members to vote in the Board election and respects that the decision to vote for specific candidates is a matter for each individual member. When casting their vote members are entitled to choose to either:

A. vote for two (2) candidates by ticking the relevant box next to the relevant candidate's names on the ballot paper


B. tick the box on the ballot paper appointing the President and Chairman as their proxy.

Members will receive copies of voting information and ballot papers in early September which will contain further information on the voting process.

Enquiries and Feedback


Please direct all election queries to CorpVote info line by calling 1300 147 797.


Feedback in relation to the election process is welcomed and can be emailed to secretary@racv.com.au or sent by post to Secretary, RACV Limited, 485 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Mandy Grogan
Company Secretary & Governance Counsel
RACV Limited

For further questions, please visit our Board Election FAQs page.

Strategic statement

RACV exists to improve the lives of Victorians by addressing their needs in the areas of mobility, home and leisure and continuing to be their advocate.

Following a formal review in mid-2016, a new corporate strategy for RACV was announced. The new strategy aims to build a stronger and more relevant RACV – one that provides Members with both increased benefits and ensures the long-term sustainability of our organisation.

The overarching aims of the new strategy are to:

  • Grow Membership at least as fast as the Victorian population
  • Deliver more products and services to more Members
  • Make Membership more meaningful and relevant for all Members

This means:

  • A larger home portfolio
  • A larger portfolio of non-car mobility products and services
  • A larger leisure portfolio, not only focused on physical assets
  • Bigger and more self-sustaining community initiatives
  • New and improved channels to market, giving Members better interaction and choice
  • A fit-for-purpose back office
  • Investments for Members which deliver long-term value

More innovative and agile

To achieve these goals and to meet future challenges in a rapidly changing and competitive environment, RACV must become more innovative and agile.

In order to achieve this, significant investments are being made in our organisational capabilities to improve our technology and e-commerce platforms.