Greg Robinson Candidate Statement

I am currently a director of RACV, offering myself for re-election.  I have 30+ years of management experience in the finance and resources industries.  I have extensive experience in strategy, corporate culture, people development, investment, project management, operations management, finance, management systems, accounting and risk.  In previous roles I have been a CEO and CFO of a large complex public company and worked at senior executive levels in investment banking as a corporate advisor.  I understand the challenges presented in running diverse businesses, assessing investment in new initiatives, working with multiple stakeholders, planning and delivering to plan.

I have been a RACV Service member for 20+ years and also a RACV Club member.  I understand why members rely on and trust RACV; the importance of the service delivery, the cost-effective insurance products and the excellent club and resort facilities.  The transport and automotive, leisure and insurance industries are rapidly changing and the RACV must ensure it continues to meet members’ and community needs. We have an experienced Board and strong management who have set up a clear strategy for the future.  I believe I would contribute to the successful delivery of this strategy.