RACV pleased to see action finally being taken by Federal Government in Takata airbag issue to ensure public safety

28 February 2018

RACV wants prompt action by vehicle manufacturers to replace faulty airbags in recalled vehicles, following the Federal Government’s compulsory recall of 2.3 million vehicles which pose a serious threat to lives.

In July last year, RACV called for the Federal Government to place a greater emphasis on the voluntary recall of defective airbags announced at that time. RACV has since been putting pressure on manufacturers to speed up the process for replacing defective Takata airbags. Today’s move by the Government to recall these vehicles demonstrates the danger this issue presents.

Michael Case, RACV’s Vehicle Engineering Manager said, “RACV is pleased to see the Federal Government finally taking action to address this serious safety issue. Now it is time for vehicle manufacturers and vehicle dealers to urgently replace these airbags so motorists can feel safe in their vehicles.”

“RACV urges Victorians to check whether their vehicle is affected by visiting the Product Safety Authority website. If your car, motorcycle or truck is on the list, call your local dealership or manufacturer immediately to arrange to get these airbags replaced.”

“We acknowledge this recall will no doubt come as an inconvenience to many Victorians whose vehicles are affected. RACV urges Victorians not to interfere with the safety features of their vehicles as any tampering could pose a serious safety risk to motorists and other road users.”

“RACV supports the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions’ recommendation for people with Takata Alpha airbags to not drive the affected vehicles due to their critical safety risk”.

“It is important for Victorian consumers to know that replacing affected airbags is free of charge, even if you bought the car secondhand,” said Mr Case.

Victorians concerned as to whether their vehicle is affected by the recall, can visit the Product Safety Authority website.

To learn more or receive comment from RACV, contact RACV Corporate Communications at media@racv.com.au or (03) 9790 2572.