RACV launches an Australian-first commuter app

RACV has expanded its services to include a new smartphone app that makes it easier for Melburnians to travel where they want to go, the way they want to get there. 

From today, arevo, an app designed to be a one-stop shop for a range of transport services, is available to download on all smartphone devices.

The Australian first app provides users with a convenient way to plan, pay and access a range of transport options, negating the need to switch apps when determining the best route to a destination.

Its central feature is a personalised journey planner, with the user able to set their preferences to either the fastest, cheapest or greenest route to reflect a path that suits their lifestyle.

arevo aims to offer something for every Melburnian to make their journey more efficient, with highlights including a myki top-up, RACV Car Share, Melbourne Bike Share, Uber or taxi options and carpark recommendations.

RACV General Manager for Mobility, Elizabeth Kim, said the launch of arevo is about so much more than a smartphone app and after months of research, trials and tests, RACV is excited to bring Melburnians an app to fulfill their travel needs.

"Melbourne is fortunate enough to be teeming with many transport options like trains, trams, buses, bikes and cars. Everyone has their preferred way of getting around and RACV is here to assist with that journey - be it in a car, on bicycle, by foot or public transport.

"RACV is taking steps to ensure that Victorians can move freely and easily to where they need to be. The features of the app are designed to appeal to all Melburnians - whether you love to walk, you're seeking the cheapest route or wish to drive your car - there truly is something for everyone."

Developed as part of the Mobility as a Service model, arevo is designed to revolutionise how Melburnians travel.

"Beyond assisting Melburnians get where they need to be efficiently and easily, there is a long-term vision of arevo easing congestion and encouraging more sustainable travel modes. With just one user-friendly app, Melburnians will have access to the various transport options across Melbourne and may even be inspired to make the switch to other urban transport options," Elizabeth said.

arevo is available to download now from your device's app store. Downloaders of arevo will be given access to exclusive discounts on a range of mobility products and services, like parking, Ola and SkyBus.


arevo by RACV poster
Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
February 25, 2019