Road and rail investment key to Victoria's liveability

16 May 2016

With the federal election campaign officially underway, Victoria’s leading transport advocate RACV says road and transport infrastructure investment must remain a priority for the major political parties.

The RACV and its sister clubs across Australia have today launched a national campaign, Keep Australia Moving.  Its aim is to send a unified message to the major political parties reminding them that Australians expect an ongoing and sustainable longer-term investment commitment in transport infrastructure.

RACV General Manager Public Policy, Brian Negus said the future strength of Australia’s economy depends on a solid commitment to road and public transport infrastructure funding from whichever party wins the federal election.

“Our message to the candidates is that irrespective of where you want to take this country and our economy; we’re going to need substantive transport investment and reform to get us there.

“We cannot have a strong and sustainable economy of the future with the transport systems of the past.  Victoria is the fastest growing state in the nation and congestion on Melbourne roads is at crisis point. Infrastructure investment funding commitments are crucial.

“The federal government’s own data shows that congestion already costs Victoria around $2.7 billion per year*and this is predicted to reach $9 billion per year in 2031.*2

“For this reason alone a number of big ticket projects for Victoria must be at the top of any future federal government’s priority list.

“Effective and efficient transport systems, including roads and public transport will continue to be the lifeblood of not only Victoria’s economy but the economy of the nation,” Mr Negus said.

 Mr Negus said RACV would also use this campaign period to call for at least 50 per cent of the revenue raised through fuel excise, to be dedicated to priority transport infrastructure projects.

“There has never been a meaningful link between the tax on fuel and other motoring taxes and the funding commitments to transport infrastructure improvements.

“Australians and especially motorists who pay around $28 billion in taxes and other motoring charges every year, expect our governments to work together to deliver the infrastructure that will make our communities more liveable and economically stronger,” he said.

RACV’s priority projects for Victoria include:

North East Link to complete the Metropolitan Ring Road

  • Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel
  • Western Distributor project
  • Regional highway duplications and safety improvements
  • Shepparton Bypass





Written by Lynette Keogh, RACV Public Affairs on 03 9790 2572
May 16, 2016