Fire Awareness Awards up for grabs

Applications for the 2017 Fire Awareness Awards are now open for individuals, community groups and organisations to submit innovative projects that help reduce the incidence and impact of fire in Victoria.

Forest Fire Management Victoria Chief Fire Officer Stephanie Rotarangi said “Every day across Victoria people are working tirelessly to help make our communities safer and more resilient before, during or after a fire occurs.”

“These community focussed awards are a great opportunity to recognise the extraordinary efforts of those who deliver this important work,” Dr Rotarangi said.

“The awards were originally launched in 1983 after the devastating Ash Wednesday fires as a way to encourage and acknowledge the development of local community grassroots programs that help reduce the effects of fire in Victoria.”

“They have now been running for 34 years and remain an important way for us to highlight the exceptional projects that help protect our homes, businesses and environment.”

The awards are administered by Victoria’s fire agencies and are proudly supported by RACV Insurance, ABC Radio Victoria and Emergency Management Victoria.

The seven award categories demonstrate the breadth of work that happens at all levels across the emergency management sector:

  • Access and Inclusion
  • Community Prevention and Preparedness
  • Community Learning and Knowledge
  • Government and Industry Partnership
  • Government and Industry Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Recovery

RACV Insurance contributes a $10,000 prize to recognise excellence in fire safety. The Awards also receive valued media support from emergency broadcaster ABC Radio Victoria.

The RACV Insurance prize recognises excellence in fire safety and awareness. General Manager RACV Home Insurance, Stacey Maher, said RACV has a long history of supporting its members and their communities in fire affected areas and is proud to be associated with the Fire Awareness Awards, which includes the RACV Insurance Award for Excellence.

“RACV has a strong history of serving and supporting Victorians for over a hundred years. We know the destruction fire causes to communities, and our involvement in this vital program is just one way we can work toward fire prevention, and improve response and recovery times through innovation,” Ms Maher said.

“The RACV Award for Excellence is incredibly important in recognising the achievements of those who do so much to prevent harm and build resilience within our community as well as to unlock community talent. The increased collaboration that is fostered demonstrates the importance of running this program.”

Entries for the 2017 Fire Awareness Awards close Sunday 17 September 2017. Recipients will be announced at a presentation evening on Monday 4 December 2017.

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Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
June 30, 2017