RACV alerts motorists to rogue trolleys in car parks

Fridays are the most likely day for collisions between cars and shopping trolleys, prompting RACV to urge shoppers to take care in shopping centre car parks today.

Wayward shopping trolleys cost more than $300,000 in claims in the last financial year, new RACV Insurance figures show.

RACV General Manager Motor Insurance Mark Geraghty said collisions between motorists and shopping trolleys occurred across metropolitan Melbourne and in some regional centres.

“The average repair cost last financial year was more than $2000. For too many motorists a quick dash to the shops became expensive when the car hit or scraped a rogue trolley,” Mr Geraghty said.

“Motorists should slow down and look carefully when parking or reversing, as trolleys left carelessly in parking bays or against poles can sometimes be difficult to spot.

“Taking extra care will help prevent the scratches and dents that cause so much angst for motorists and yet often go unreported.”

Mr Geraghty said a recent survey revealed that one in two Australians do not return their shopping trolley to a designated bay[1].

“Almost 20 per cent of the survey’s respondents just ‘couldn’t be bothered’ returning trolleys.

“RACV urges shoppers to take a few seconds and help reduce the risk of damage to cars by returning their trolley to the designated area.”

Analysis of RACV data from the last three financial years revealed most collisions with shopping trolleys happened between 10am and 3pm, with a slight lull between noon and 1pm.

“Friday was the worst day for shopping trolley collisions, accounting for 18 per cent of all incidents in the last three financial years. This is when shopping centre car parks are often at their busiest, and that is why it is important to always be vigilant when driving and parking your car.”

Mr Geraghty advised car owners to check their insurance cover.

“Unfortunately, these incidents do happen and it is important to know what is covered by your insurance – for example, how much your excess is and whether your policy provides for a hire car while your vehicle is being repaired.’’

Five tips for avoiding trolley crashes

  • Slow down and be vigilant in car parks
  • Return your trolley to the designated return point
  • Keep an eye out for trolleys when entering or leaving car spaces
  • If you encounter a rogue trolley in a space you’re attempting to park in, take a few seconds to get out of your car and move it, before returning it to a designated return spot
  • Take care when pushing a trolley and don’t let it escape when loading your car.
Written by Liselotte Geary, RACV Public Affairs, 9790 2717
January 13, 2017