RACV members to benefit from new peer-to-peer car share partnership

From this week, RACV members can make money from their under-used vehicles and also rent a wide range of quality vehicles at reasonable prices.

RACV has partnered with DriveMyCar, Australia’s largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace, to connect owners of under-used vehicles with those who temporarily require a vehicle but want to avoid the prices charged by traditional car rental companies.

RACV has come a long way in 114 years, from its traditional roots as an automobile club to one that is making new forms of transport easier to access for Victorians by embracing the sharing economy.

This partnership with DriveMyCar opens up the peer-to-peer car sharing platform to more Victorians and advances RACV’s strategy of enabling all Victorians to consider alternative transport options beyond the conventional use of their own car.

A report from the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) found that the average car is parked at home 80 per cent of the time, parked elsewhere 16 per cent of the time and on the move only four per cent of the time. Consider these statistics with the overall average cost of running a vehicle estimated by RACV at $207.84 per week*, and that a car sitting in the driveway is very likely not earning its keep.

RACV and DriveMyCar have created a trusted marketplace where owners can list their under-utilised vehicles, and renters can search for and book a vehicle. RACV DriveMyCar offers rental periods from 7 to 365 days and is up to 50 per cent cheaper than traditional car rental companies.

To book a car through RACV DriveMyCar, a stringent verification process which includes driver’s license verification and a credit check is completed to ensure owners have full confidence when renting out their car. All vehicles rented through RACV DriveMyCar are covered by insurance and RACV’s 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Phil Turnbull, RACV’s Executive General Manager of Motoring and Mobility says the organisation is evolving to meet an increasing range of commuter needs.

“Our 2.1 million member-base covers a huge cross-section of the population who use a variety of transport modes in their everyday life and we recognise that Victorians want greater flexibility when it comes to how they commute” said Mr Turnbull.

“RACV’s partnership with DriveMyCar allows Victorians to adjust the way they use a car to better serve their needs. It might be that your household only uses one car, while the second is sitting almost unused. For renters, it means cheaper access to a greater range of vehicles for the period that you actually require one, without the expenses that come with ownership.”

RACV DriveMyCar already has over 150 registered owners in Victoria looking to make money from vehicles which would otherwise be sitting idle in their garage. It is the first time in the Club’s history that RACV members have the opportunity to generate an income through one of its services.

Chris Noone, CEO of DriveMyCar, said "We're delighted to announce the launch of our partnership with RACV. The sharing economy is part of a wider trend of people thinking differently about everything from cars to caravans. Victorians want to take advantage of these new services, while also dealing with the providers they've trusted for years. Our partnership with RACV ensures they are able to do this.”

For Neil Newbegin, peer-to-peer car sharing makes economic sense. Renting out his otherwise dormant 2012 Holden Commodore has given Mr Newbegin an opportunity to make money on a car he wants to keep but seldom uses.

“I like knowing that my car is making money for me when I’m not using it. I own two cars and often use public transport to get around. I’m reluctant to sell my second car as I enjoy having a choice in what I drive so it’s the perfect solution,” said Mr Newbegin.

For a limited time, owners who list their car on RACV DriveMyCar are eligible for a ‘welcome bonus’ upon the first rental of their vehicle. New customers will receive free RACV personal membership.

For more information and to calculate how much money you can make from your under-utilised vehicle or to rent a vehicle, go to www.racv.com.au/drivemycar.

Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
September 28, 2017