RACV welcomes $1.8b for roads in Melbourne’s west

Please quote RACV Manager Public Policy, Brian Negus

RACV is pleased that the State Government has announced a major commitment to upgrading and maintaining roads in Melbourne's western suburbs.

The plan will see a number of important arterial roads developed and maintained across Melbourne's west to a standard required to cater for a rapidly growing population including the suburb of Wyndham - one of Australia's fastest growing communities.

Many of the roads selected for this major upgrade were identified in RACV's 2012 report, Growing Pains. RACV has worked with Wyndham City Council's 'Get Wyndham Moving' campaign to draw attention to the West's needs for better roads and public transport infrastructure.

Point Cook Road has been a recurring offender in RACV’s Redspot Survey as far back as 2002.  The improvements to Dunnings and Palmers Roads means both will now become viable alternative routes for motorists and provide a degree of congestion relief on Point Cook Road. RACV believes that work must also be done to specifically address the recurring issues on Point Cook Road, including addressing the interchange with the Princes Highway at Aircraft.

Melbourne's western suburbs are important communities and places of employment. Many people are reliant on their cars to travel for work across the western area, in addition to people travelling by road and train to and from the city.

Upgraded roads will greatly improve traffic flow and safety, for commuters and commercial traffic that is essential for future vibrant communities and businesses.
Higher standard and safer roads will also provide opportunities for faster and safer bus trips across the region, and the planned improvements must include safe bicycle riding infrastructure so that residents can choose the best mode for their circumstances.

Many other parts of Melbourne and regional Victoria, in particular the south west of the state, have roads which are unsafe and are in dire need of immediate substantial investment in road rehabilitation and maintenance. RACV looks forward to further commitments to road funding for these areas as a matter of urgency.

Written by RACV
November 08, 2016