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Public transport

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Public transport in Victoria

Most Victorians use multiple methods of transport to get around. 80% of Victorians use public transport as part of their transportation mix.

The trains, trams and buses that make up Victoria's public transport system are essential to get people to jobs, schools, events and services.

We’re helping our members get more out of public transport with our Arevo journey planner and handy tips on using myki.

Using myki on public transport

Myki is the re-usable ticketing system that stores money to pay for your fares on Melbourne’s public transport network, including:

  • metro trains
  • V/Line commuter trains
  • trams
  • metro buses and some regional buses.

You can buy a myki card from select retailers (such as 7-eleven stores), most train stations, or online from the PTV website. You’ll need to top it up with ‘myki money’ or ‘myki passes’ before you ride. 

If you’re an Android mobile user, you can buy a digital myki card to store in your Google wallet.

Your myki card expires after 4 years, at which point you can transfer the existing balance on to a new myki. 

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