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Manage a family or friend's account

We're sorry to hear about your loss and want to make this process as simple as possible for you. 

We can only discuss or make changes to an account with the Executor of the Deceased Estate. 

To notify us of your loved one's death:

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When you’re ready, give us a call. Speak with our team 7am - 11pm, any day of the week.

If you prefer, you can bring the relevant documents to your local RACV store to settle an account in-person.

What to provide us

There’s a few documents we’ll need from the Executor. When the relevant documents are ready, these can be emailed direct to

You can choose to provide one of the following options:

Option 1

Provide one document from each group:

Group A

  • Death certificate
  • Coroners Report

Group B

Option 2

Provide either of the following:

Inheritance of Years of Membership

If your spouse or partner has passed, you may be entitled to their Years of Membership and loyalty discount. This discount will transfer to your existing products at renewal time.  For Gold 50 memberships, all discounts will be applied, however recipients won’t be entitled to complimentary Roadside Assistance for life.*

A single owner or director of a business that is no longer operating may be entitled to an inheritance. We can talk you through your options.

Frequently asked questions

The person named in a will is known as an ‘Executor’. As an Executor, you are the legal representative responsible for managing the deceased’ assets and liabilities, often referred to as someone’s ‘estate’.

We can only make changes and cancellations to an account with the Executor of the Deceased Estate. 

Partners or children of a passed loved one who aren’t the Executor cannot make any changes. If this applies to you, to be able to make changes, you will need to apply for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court of Victoria.

At RACV, Years of Membership refers to how many years someone has continuously been a Member with us. The longer you're a Member, the more you can save through our loyalty discount.#

We have different levels of membership - including Blue (0 - 4 years), Bronze (5 - 9 years), Silver (10 - 24 years), Gold (25 -50 years) and Gold50 (51+ years).

Whilst it’s helpful to have membership and any policy number details available, we can find these for you if you don’t know them.

You can complete an application online, if you’re the Executor. Afterwards, let us know the application number and unique identifier. 

Please note: You’ll only need to obtain a Grant of Probate if you aren’t able to provide a death certificate or coroner’s report, with a Release and Indemnity form or letter from a solicitor (stating the executor).

We don’t need to sight a Last Will or Testament. Instead the Executor can complete a Release and Indemnity Form, where the date of the Will can be noted.

Support options

*When a spouse/partner requests to inherit years of membership, only the Executor of the estate can authorise the transfer. If the member inheriting the years of membership has no other product holdings with us, those years will lapse after 30 days, unless the member takes out a qualifying RACV product in that time. If the membership that is being inherited is a Gold 50, the recipient's membership start date will be backdated but they will not be entitled to free Roadside Assistance for life. All other Gold 50 discounts will apply to existing products at the next renewal. If a business has ceased trading and the owner or director wishes to inherit the business’ years of membership, years of membership can only be inherited by a single owner or director of a company.

# RACV Years of Membership: at 5 years Bronze cardholders receive a 5% discount, at 10 years Silver cardholders receive a 10% discount, at 25 years Gold cardholders receive a 15% discount and at 51 years Gold 50 cardholders receive a 20% discount.